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Multiple Choice Quiz Page 1 of 3 Home > Chapter 15 > Multiple Choice Quiz Course-wide Content Web Links MS Contrivance Tutorials Updates and Errata Microsoft Contrivance 2010... Blue Zuma Videos Chapter 15 Multiple Choice Quiz (See cognate pages) Results Reporter Out of 15 doubts, you apologyed 15 right delay a definite gradation of 100% 15 set-right (100%) 0 inset-right (0%) 0 unanswered (0%) Quizzes Multiple Choice Quiz More Resources Key Terms PowerPoint Presentations Study Outlines Your Results: The set-right apology for each doubt is implied by a . 1 CORRECT McDonald's is creating a multinational dispensation arrangement for all of its alien and domiciliary subsidiaries. The contrivance superintendent is from the oppidan headquarters and he manages teams from each of the countries implicated. The contrivance would be classified as A) Global B) Overseas C) Local D) Domiciliary E) Alien 2 CORRECT The important issues practice delay interdiplomatic contrivance expertness embrace all of the aftercited except: A) Option and trailing of personnel for interdiplomatic contrivances B) Alien circulation remodel rates C) Location of interdiplomatic annotation D) Environmental factors E) Challenge of instituted in a alien amelioration CORRECT The growing influence of the Russian Mafia has astound abundant alien firms from elucidation up operations in the antecedent Soviet Union. This is an specimen of which of the aftercited environmental factors? A) Security B) Economic C) Cultural D) Legal/political E) Infrastructure 4 CORRECT An advice arrangements specialist reported that his accomplishment on a contrivance in Northern Sweden declined due to snooze donation during the summer months in which there was 20 hours of amount each day. This is an specimen of which of the aftercited environmental factors? A) Cultural B) Legal/political C) Geographic D) Economic E) Infrastructure 5 CORRECT Needs for a contrivance could embrace telecommunications, walk, dominion, and availability of technically serviceable gift. This is an specimen of which of the aftercited environmental factors? A) Geographic B) Infrastructure C) Economic D) Legal/political E) Cultural 6 CORRECT Which of the aftercited can aid a contrivance superintendent to study, liberate, and comprehend the factors induced to the option of a restricted contrivance? http://highered. mcgraw-hill. com/sites/0073403342/student_view0/chapter15/multiple_ch... 1/16/2011 Multiple Choice Quiz Page 2 of 3 A) Risk matrix B) Priority matrix C) Responsibility matrix D) Gantt chart E) Contingency matrix 7 CORRECT American contrivance superintendents bear earned a species away for life very good-tempered-tempered-tempered at comprehending technology but not good-tempered-tempered-tempered at comprehending: A) Cultures B) Commonalty C) Local traditions D) Local profession practices E) Laws 8 CORRECT Kluckhohn-Strodtbeck's cross-cultural frameperformance embraces all of the aftercited except: A) Perception of God B) Relation to species C) Time orientation D) Basic species of commonalty E) Activity orientation 9 CORRECT The Hofstede frameperformance embraces all of the aftercited body except: A) Masculinity-feminity B) Uncertainty deviation C) Dominion space D) Individualism versus collectivism E) All of these are embraced in the Hofstede frameperformance 10 CORRECT The sentiment of special relationships has created a arrangement in which Mexicans are obligated to yield self-indulgence to kinsmen and friends when hiring, contracting, procuring, and sharing profession opportunities. This arrangement is referred to as: A) Manana B) Gringo C) Compadre D) Quid pro quo E) Nepotism 11 CORRECT Which of the aftercited is not contained in the Assessment Matrix Contrivance Site Selection? A) Political arrestation B) Worker expertness, provide C) Infrastructure D) Amelioration compatibility E) Utilities 12 CORRECT Which of the aftercited is not penny for French rates? A) They rate alacrity B) Great signification is placed on neatness and nicety C) The French are not-difficult to pass delay D) French superintendents see performance as an psychological drill E) The French think superintendents to be experts 13 CORRECT A consciousness of discernment in not life understood is normal of which of the aftercited stages of amelioration astound? A) Honeymoon B) Gradual structure C) Irritability and dissociation ttp://highered. mcgraw-hill. com/sites/0073403342/student_view0/chapter15/multiple_ch... 11/16/2011 Multiple Choice Quiz Page 3 of 3 D) Repatriation E) Adaptation 14 CORRECT When you commence to cause dependence in your abilities to announce and performance effectively in the contrariant amelioration, you are in which of the aftercited stages of amelioration astound? A) Honeymoon B) Gradual structure C) Irritability and dissociation D) Repatriation E) Adaptation 15 CORRECT Which film contrivance was reviewed in a Snapshot from Practice? A) The Godfather B) Star Wars C) Hearts of Darkness D) Apocalypse Now E) Rambo E-mail Your Results Date: Wed Nov 16 18:06:16 2011 My name: Section ID: E-mail these results to: E-mail address: Me: My Instructor: My TA: Other: E-mail The Results Format: HTML HTML HTML HTML To imbibe more encircling the bulk this website supports, delight mark its Advice Center. 2011 McGraw-Hill Higher Education Any use is material to the Terms of Use and Privacy Notice. McGraw-Hill Higher Education is one of the abundant beautiful professiones of The McGraw-Hill Companies. http://highered. mcgraw-hill. com/sites/0073403342/student_view0/chapter15/multiple_ch... 11/16/2011