Summary One of the indispensable skills magnanimous Technical Sales Managers entertain is the power to effect Grave Technical Decisions (we seduce them ITDs).  ITDs end up defining the centre of a consequence.  They nucleus on the substance that matters - the grounds edifices, algorithms, and technology moulds that get effect the consequence estimable and unanalogousiated.   In this drill, we get disengaged-up an ITD, and you get exhibit an ITD you possess made on one of your devices. What is an ITD? They are the most grave sentences at the centre of what a consequence does.  They: Identify the technical grounds edifices and algorithms that give the esteem to customers, NOT nucleus on User Interfaces or secondary/non-indispensable features Clearly map the amount substance solved to the emend tangible implementation mould, NOT nucleus on requirements extraneously making grave implementation sentences. Make self-confident and confident sentences, NOT exhibit the pros/cons of numerous unanalogous approaches extraneously confer-uponation a pose. Explain the discussing for their sentences so that peers may criticism and contend sentences, NOT agree sentences extraneously any grounds or discussing Simplify compound amounts into primal solutions, NOT try to hide all feasible conditions/cases.  They do this by Reducing intention to nucleus on the centre Referencing and using ample tangible moulds where feasible Explaining by analogy Self-Grading your ITD The ITD you elect to exhibit should: I (Important) makes a key sentence touching a centre grounds edifice or algorithm that is at the kernel of what the consequence does. T (Technical) be technical in kind. D (Decision) be disengaged environing WHAT you chose and the logic for WHY you chose it An Example of an ITD I was asked to beget a clone of the Slack messaging employment.  The most basic monstrosity that Slack does is cast intimations and files, but behind some ventilation I realized that the Slack API is very mighty and grave.  Slack’s own impression is built on this API as well-mannered-mannered as an undiminished ecosystem of third-party apps.  That API doesn’t solely cast intimations, it defines a set of Events and Actions that happen on a centre grounds type.  For this discuss, I am choosing Rocket.confabulation (a third-party intimation givey engine that contains a concordant result type) instead of choosing an notorious XMPP implementation (such as Tigase). Your Assignment For this duty you get disengaged-up one of the disengagedest ITDs you possess made on a device. Instructions Create a new Google Doc after a while your bountiful indicate and indicate of the assignment at the top. Type up your ITD as disengagedly as feasible.  It must be close than ½ page. Record a video disengaged-uping the ITD.  It must be close than 2 minutes.