Social Process Theories

  Assignment Details: You bear been promoted to the Aggregation Policing Liaison Officer.  It is your job is to collaborate after a while the aggregation (i.e., trade leaders, citizens, and other aggregation form leaders); to succor substantiate insurance issues that start in the aggregation.  The prominent of police would enjoy you to educe an informative paper that procure develop the common touching the plea that best explains why commonalty relegate crimes.   First, choice one of the theories inventoryed underneath, that you estimate best explains why commonalty relegate crimes; ·  Rational Choice Theory ·  Trait Theory ·  Life Succession Theory ·  Propensity Theory ·  Trajectory Theory   The prominent of police wants you to embrace these elements in your paper: Create your informational tri-fold tractate, which must embrace these elements: ·  On the primeval page embrace: the spectry of the plea, your spectry, succession reckon, and the date ·  In your tractate, rereckon the plea that you chose from the inventory above ·  Explain why this plea explains guilty offending ·  Expound on what causes commonalty to relegate crimes grounded on this plea ·  Determine ways commonalty can shirk relegateting crimes grounded on this plea ·  Include at lowest two pictures   If you use quotes in your paper; the quotes must be cited rightly in APA.  The developed page of your paper should embrace your references (this is not reckoned inland the sum order reckon). Be notional add hue and pictures that succor assistance your question (the plea you choiceed). When you bear perfect your tractate you want to download it as a PDF and succumb it to the Week 5 assignment dropbox.