2 DQ

WK4 DQ  1         Kinship and Cultural Relevance After lection Chapter 8 of Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective, debate the consequence of maintaining kinship ties amid one of the ameliorations presented in your textbook. Drawing parallels to your own conduct, ponder on how maintaining kin relationships is repeatedly a political commission that requires extensive interval.Your judicious column should be at smallest 250 vote in tediousness DQ2 week 4  Contemporary Perception of Women's Roles in Holiness and Ritual  Using examples from Chapter 9 of Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective and the documentary, War of the Words: Divine Women (Links to an manifest column.)Links to an manifest column., debate the bias holiness has on gender and sexuality. In your response, elucidate how women feel used holiness or devout rituals to dare the extortionate affection of oral gender roles. Lastly, establish appearances of stereotypical perceptions of these women in Western amelioration. Your judicious column should be at smallest 250 vote in tediousness. Support your claims after a while examples from required embodied(s) and/or other literary sources, and appropriately quote any references. Respond to at smallest two of your classmates columns by Day 7