Process of air freight forwarding services for exporting

Over the ultimate few years, the concept of logistics has beseem raise and raise normal, it has equal beseem a paraggregate segregate of exotic traffic activities. Integrating delay the bend of globalization, Vietnam has spiritual familiar forwarding and logistics intelligence, formd incentives to unfold ship-produce and tenor activities in the dominion. Succeeding a crave end of term retaining administrative familiarity, I build this internship program a hazard that the university had offered to students to shape explicit exertion action and apportion literature doctrine. With the attainmentss in 3 weeks of internship at Overgrow Consultant and Logistics Corporation and the familiarity accumulated in deal, I enjoy exhaustived the mid-course internship relation delay the key question "Process of air merchandise forwarding uses for ship-produceing classifying emblemificanceance at Overgrow Consultant and Logistics Corporation", which includes the explicit classify of ship-produceing emblemificanceance by air at the society and some recommendations to ameliorate this activities. The relation consists of three chapters, including: Chapter 1 : Taking of Overgrow Consultant and Logistics Corporation Chapter 2: Estimating the classify of air merchandise forwarding uses for ship-produceing classifying odds Chapter 3: Recommendations to ameliorate the classify I would apassay to say endows to Exotic Traffic University Ho Chi Mini city Campus that has cheerful us in experiencing delay the mid-course internship; Mr.. Unguent Tine Hang who has devotedly accelerationed me to exhaustive this relation. I am merry for the acceleration from Overgrow C. L. Co's Board of Directors and their staffs, specially Mr.. Unguent Van Sang - Public Manager and Miss Series NCO Phonon NIH - Assistant Public Director, who enjoy blood-warmally cheered me to mode instruments and explicit activities in the society. However, due to the delaydrawal of familiarity and useful attainments, the carriage may embrace some certain strikes. I would be unquestionably appreciated to enjoy raise comments to ameliorate this material from the readers. Ho Chi Mini City, 22nd August, 2013 Student TryГn HTH H;I Line Chapter 1 : INTRODUCTION OF OVERGROW CONSULTANT AND LOGISTICS CORPORATION 1. . Rater History Overgrow Consultant and Logistics Corporation was primary certain on 20/09/2000 at Cote Building, 7 Spectry Quo Gang, Pam Eng Ala Ward, HCI delay the spectry of Overgrow Services - Consultant - Trading Scant Liability Company. January 2nd 2008, the society became authoritatively quizzed and modifiable its guideer appointment to 853 El Hong Phone, Ward 12, Didst. 10, HCI. In January 2011, the guideer appointment was uninterruptedly ashape provoked to 273/5 Unguent Throng Tune, Ward 10, PH Nonanthropological Didst. , HCI and became authoritative until now. . 2. Public Notification society's Name: OVERGROW CONSULTANT AND LOGISTICS CORPORATION Function Name: OVERGROW C. L. C Brand spectry: [email protected] Leader Office: 273/5 Unguent Throng Tune, Ward 10, PH Nonanthropological Didst. , HCI City Certificate of Function Number: 4103008954 Issued by: Province of Planning and Boarding of Ho Chi Mini City Tax Code: 0305416676 Initial cardinal: 800. 000. 000 dong Tell: 08 38 455 277 Fax: 08 38 455494 Website: counterpoisegrow. Com. Van Email: [email protected] Com. Van Chairman of the Board of Directors: Mr.. Quack Than Dan Public Director: Mr.. Unguent Van Sang Slogan: "Ever Prize Growth" 1. 2. 1. Functions Consultancy Boarding Consultancy Consultancy on Enterpmollify Administrative Address Allowable Consultancy M&A Consultancy Real Erecite Consultancy Franchising Consultancy Ship-produce - Tenor Duty Broker Logistics Services Packaging, labeling Consolidation Authorized delegated-to-otherss of tenor and ship-produce Distribution Accounting - Tax and Financial Services Vocational Training Trading 1. 2. 2. Missions To delineation and heave out society's function uses in correspondence delay the exoteric regulations to exhaustive the counterpoise employment To unfold and localize efficiently the society's funds, constantly ameliorate the society's uses to rescue and exnurture cardinal To relinquish delay policies and regimes of recite law kindred to function activities of the society, perpetrate to the agrees delay customer To purport obligations to employees and tax obligations to the recite To siege allowable commission for the exercises of the society To series and unfold the employees of the society, prepare staffs' administrative unfoldment 1. 3. Organizational form Delay the sum of fewer than 30 employees, Overgrow is a trivial society whose cardinal is 800. 000. 000 vend. This delineation is exhaustively not momentous during the term when raise and raise enlightened logistics society has Joined in the chaffer exuberant delay stanch boarding in lamina and infrastructure. However, the dynamic and puerile team of staff, the blood-warm and attainmentsd address team, the compound magnitude which is quiet to govern are the society's advantages. Delay the slogan of Ever Prize Harvest for, the society succeed frequently be cheerful for the crave-term oriented unfoldment and sustainability. . 3. 1 . Organizational Hierarchy chart Chart 1 . 1: Organizational Form Source: website 1. 3. 2. Functions of ocean provinces Personnel Province Responsible for managing rules and regulations of the society, lawful exertion, stipend administration, expiation and benefits, appointment, shelter, person contest and obstruction, unfolding anthropological contrivance. Function Harvest Province Responsible for eliminationing and unfolding use movabless, subtle and determining the figure of movables, pursuing function opportunities, customer rule and unfoldment. Consultancy Province Produce consultancy uses in correspondence delay endowor's condition and function environment Elimination and update regularly kindred allowable notification to produce customer delay the best boarding, communicateable, tenor-ship-produce notification Delineation function projects, boarding design, gain boarding indulge. Import-Excarriage Province Import-Excarriage Province is the most tenorant province contributing to the society's allowance. It consists of two economizeions: instruments economizeion and convenience economizeion. The ocean activities are: Produce tenor and ship-produce uses in correspondence delay customer's condition and function environment Deal delay customers, admit notification and instruments, classify instruments and tenor-ship-produce ceremony Initiative apposition delay kindred Recite agencies and customers to instruct any problems Heave out duty broker activities, mien and surrendery of emblemificanceance Operate the society's trodden trading and tenor ship-produce activities. 1. 4. Function outcomes from 2010-2012 Table 1. 2: Function Revenue, Cost, Gain from 2010 to 2012 Unit: Vietnam Dong 2010 2011 2012 Net Inend 4. 650. 094. 413 4. 185. 920. 237 3. 25. 444. 644 Absorb 2. 404. 717. 225 1 . 668. 673. 268 1 . 613. 829. 861 Gross Gain 2. 245. 377. 188 2. 517. 246. 969 1 . 811. 614. 783 Inend from finance 2. 185. 735 4. 125. 176 997. 140 Absorb from finance 2. 561. 199 58. 210. 523 19. 096. 204 Operating absorb 2. 190. 445. 214 2. 357. 866. 622 1 . 799. 491 . 875 Net gain (15. 443. 490) 105. 295. 000 (5. 976. 156) Other gain (74. 133. 603) (14. 143. 102) 25. 842. 125 Gain precedently tax (89. 577. 093) 91. 151. 898 19. 865. 969 Gain succeeding tax (90. 254. 460) 72. 725. 273 14. 373. 160 Source: Finance Statement 2010-2012 In 2010, the society's function aspectd a lot of difficulties. Although net inend growthd by 29. 96 % compared to 2009 (Revenue 2009 was 3. 578. 025. 005 VEND) but absorbs growthd momentously. The completion absorb in 2010 was 4. 741. 857. 41 VEND, 32. 66 % eminent than in 2009 which was 3. 574. 409. 473 VEND. This emblemificanceance was segregately due to the bad movables of public chaffer, the transient rule, oil figures sharply mollify, specially financing absorbs which growthd momentously from 5. 153. 310 VEND in 2009 to 72. 561. 199 VEND 2010. Counterpoise the years 2011-2012, the function position was considerable raise independent endows to absorbs diminution. However, the society's net inend has impoverished. The truth that a sum of customers of the society enjoy had their own tenor and ship-produce province acrave delay the taking or paraphrase of sundry logistic companies in Ho Chi Mini City may guide to the inference of the aggregate of agree. 1. 5. Internship activities at Overgrow C. L. C Elimination environing organizational form, employments and businesss of each province, heed integralone's exertions Mode to some tenorant instrument exactd in tenor- ship-produce activities such as apposition, Charges of Lading, Airway Bill, Marketable Invoice, Packing register, Booking Note, Certificate of Origin... After registered at HCI City Duty Province 2 Ham Nigh, Ben Nigh Ward, Didst. 1, HCI and delayin the validity end of the agree, integral custody subordinate this agree succeed be professed at this Duty Department. Succeeding getting attend-to from Hong Pouch Duce environing the ship-produce custody, the instrument classifying staff ill: Admit notification environing the custody from customer: Description of Goods: Polo Half HAS code: 61099020 Quantity: 298 pieces = 6 cartons Completion prize: $2. 63,14 Dominion of origin: Vietnam Dominion of tenor: Japan Carriage of ship-produce: Tan Son Neat airport, HCI Carriage of discharge: Osaka, Japan Gather the certain instruments and transform into English including: Marketable Invoice 1 primordial Packing register Charges of Material Schedule of agree Certificate of Origin Airway Charges 1 observation Table 2. 2. Documents exactd in classify Notes: Certificate of Origin and Airway Charges succeed be gained succeeding the custody departs Modes of get instruments: Via email, post, MESS or troddenly operative in to Overgrow Headpiece. Normally, convenience staff succeed end to customer's society to get the instruments and emblematures. Date on all instruments must be the similar (June 10th 2013) economize for C/O and A/B June 4th 2013: apposition the carriage and gain Booking Note for the begin of June 33rd 2013 2. 1. 2. Duty Statement and Diffusion Online recitement: For classifying emblemificanceance, we succeed use Thai Son fine-Uses EGG. June 10th 2013: Documents classifying staff succeed suggest the notification of the custody, win instruments such as Marketable Invoice... Succeeding notification is resignted inline, Duty appointmentr accepts duty recitement and concede out recitement sum. This custody of Hong Pouch Duce is dealified as Green lane and free from taxes, instruments staff succeed sculpture out the recitement quibble. June 1 lath 2013: Convenience staff succeed reemblem the 2 Statement Quibble (original) (verified by Hong Pouch Duck's troddenor) to Duty Manager at HCI Duty Province to get the diffusion satisfaction. In other cases, if the custody is dealified as Yellow or Red lane, the Duty Province succeed impede on the communicateable instruments or explicitly scrutinize of emblemificanceance and provoke on to Taxes Department. 2. . 3. Good Delivery June 22nd 2013: Convenience Staff succeed cause the 2 Statement Quibble (confirmed) and Booking Note to TTS magazine and Hong Pouch Duck's delegated-to-others succeed surrender the emblemificanceance there to the delegated-to-others of the carriage acrave delay a forwarding advice from the shipper. Staffs of the airline magazine weights the emblemificanceance and emblem in the Scaling Report. Convenience staff succeed reemblem the 2 Statement Quibble to the duty scrutinizeor, get the satisfaction and siege end the quibble then remunerate the emblemificanceance. Succeeding that, he succeed pay the integral fee to TTS and remand instruments to the carriage's delegated-to-others. A ay or two, he succeed end to the carriage's appointment to get the airway charges. 2. 1. 4. Documents Storage and Transferring Succeeding exhaustiveing all duty procedures, convenience staff returns all the chargess and inferential register of of absorb to the accosting province. Accounting province succeed delineate the decisive adjust quibble, deal all reimbursement of to the custody, charges the use charges and remand the instrument to customer. Documents Processing staff succeed gain the C/O and then remand the decisive instruments to Hong Pouch Duce, including: C/ o Airway charges And other certain instruments Overgrow succeed guard one observation of each instrument. 2. Summary of strengths and weaknesses 2. 2. 1 . Strengths Certain for environing 10 years, the procedures of Overgrow C. L. C are exotericly courteous familiar. The intercourse among each economizeion secures that the exertion classify is wild and compact. The classify is determined to doctrine and regulations of the recite, which minimizes the hazards of strikes and other problems. The society is apportioning advantages in notification technology to unfold customer netexertion and exhaustive the tenor and ship-produce procedures. The performance of electronic duty recitement fineware USES-EGG ultimateed update enables all classifyes to beseem raise useful and unadorned. The exoteric guideerpiece, which is neighboring the airport, forms it easier for staff to provoke from appointment to the magazine and the Duty Department. Raise counterpoise, imperfect length accelerations the society to economize a lot of coin and term. Staffs delay stanch familiarity, fruitful attainments and rapture frequently assay their administrativeism, barely form any missiege at exertion. Succeeding diverse years of exercise, Overgrow has formd end relationships delay sundry airline companies and produce the air transcarriage use delay a competitive sort and figure. 2. 2. 2. Weaknesses Firstly, boarding and unfoldment of uses is scant due to delaydrawal of cardinal origins. Overgrow chiefly exertion delay customers whose society is in the counterpoise and trivial lamina. The delaydrawal of anthropological origins to-boot constrains the society from extending the function. Besides, there are calm?} employees whose administrative qualifications are not unquestionably stanch to effort-out any problems appear at exertion, specially when they are exertioning delay duty exercise. Moreover, Overgrow does not enjoy any magazine as courteous as miens. The truth that they must commission other transcarriage exercise raises the absorb and for strike, they can not govern the sort of shipment. Sometimes, due to the rulelessness of the supervising staff, emblemificanceance are obsolete, stolen or damaged. This position affects the society's honor as courteous as financial condition gone the prize of expiation exhaustively violent. Chapter Three: RECOMMENDATIONS TO IMPROVE THE PROCESS OF AIR FREIGHT FORWARDING SERVICES FOR EXPORTING PROCESSING GOODS 3. 1 . Outlook of air merchandise forwarding uses in the society 3. 1. 1 . Opportunities The privative collision of the globe recession has perspicuously vigord the tenor-ship-produce chaffer in Vietnam. However, emblems of global economic rectification acrave delay the efforts of function polity and Ministries succeed be an tenorant driving vigor, supported the rectification of Vietnam chaffer. For logistic sector, harvest opportunities are equal eminent. According to some experts in this convenience, succeeding Joining in WTFO, Vietnam is severedd by sundry exotic endowors and spiritual beseem a new manufacturing nature of the cosmos-people, succeeding China and India. This is to-boot a cheerful emblem for Overgrow as the position is spiritual amend. The ship-produce and tenor activities in sundry manufacturing companies enjoy recently promoted, which guide to raise and raise customers. Duty regulations nowadays are raise gathered than they were precedently. The unadornedr, neater they are, the raise ease for the society. The society is coated in an area delay familiar economies such as Ho Chi Mini City, Dong Ana and Bin Dong. This area fascinates sundry domiciliary and exotic boardings, enabling companies to invent new customers. In the coming the society continues to exnurture the relationships, seeks for boarding segregateners not barely domiciliary but to-boot away and feasible new customers space oceantaining and fortification emblemificanceance relationships delay the old customers. Besides, the society to-boot familiar sundry emblems of uses other than elder tenor and ship-produce activities such as consulting, boarding, trading cause on raise ample origin of gains and arrestation. Especially for air merchandise intelligence, endow to their advantages of brisk and impregnable uses, coming unfoldment of this convenience is infallible. The sum of ship-produce and classifying agrees of the society are firmly-fixed and nurture to growth. Besides, duty procedures are raise briskly than the sea merchandise plus the emulation among air transcarriage companies which guides to absorbs reducing nurture to be the deciding truthors for customers to select this emblem of merchandise. 3. 1. 2. Threats One of the biggest challenges of the society's exoteric position is the truth that the sums of logistics companies are increasing guideing to savage emulation in annuity, sort and uses figure. In union, the trading and manufacturing companies are spiritual endowing themselves a severed tenor and ship-produce opposition, making the sum of agrees and the sum of customers using the use to-boot impoverished partially. Most of the society's customers are trivial and counterpoise operations, ship-produces and tenors volumes are not enlightened and the prize of use agrees is not violent. The paraphrase of the chaffer may aspect sundry problems due to financial inarrestation and anthropological contrivances are increasingly choice, specially contendnt staff, stanch expertise who engage the conditions of companies. The elimination and unfold movables intelligence exacts useful, administrative and stanch unquestioned of chaffer employees, who are to-boot the target ability of others competitors. One other difficulty is the suitablenessal distinction of logistics intelligence, which forms the society exercise results transient and inend confused. Benefits of the employee are to-boot vigord. At peak suitableness, they enjoy to exertion counterpoiseterm tend midnight to abide for a shipment but at the antagonistic one, exertionload converts and so does their allowance. Ultimate but not lowest, in 2012 , Vietnam council has unobstructed 100 % exotic owned egoistic operations in the dominion, this succeed form the emulation beseems raise serious, when trivial enterpmollify apassay Overgrow face delay the big spectrys in the cosmos-peoplewide chaffer apassay Marks , PAPAL , NYC , MOL who enjoy stupendous cardinal boarding, ample attainmentss and innurture to assault Vietnamese feasible chaffer. Small-lamina infraform and scant uses companies could barely contend delay those giants. . 2. The society's oriented unfoldment for air merchandise forwarding uses Unfold trodden exotic boarding and enterpmollify boarding consulting uses, erectly endow if there is a cheerful convenience Unfold duty broker use and merchandise forwarder, specialize each grade, alter conveniences and selectively unfold Overgrow Society does not barely unfold anthropological contrivances but to-boot covet to cause them administrative impenetrable buildation for the coming Advertise and unfold brand's fiction to the feasible customers Beseem a determined fetter uses producer in 201 5 3. 3. Recommendations to ameliorate air merchandise forwarding uses for ship-produceing classifying emblemificanceance 3. 3. 1. To the Board of Manager Upgrading computer systems to prepare employees exhaustive business raise briskly and accurately Endow in equipping mien to convert exertioning delay exercise delay violent figure and low sort Carefully mentor exertioning way of the staffs to secure seriously after a whilein and beyond the appointment Consider boarding in chaffering activities and advertising society's fiction in classify to exnurture customers netexertion as courteous as to fascinate raise feasible employee 3. . 2. To the Personnel Province Criticize and form countenance regime for exertioners to growth exertion power Foster familiarity and fine skills of staffs, specially convenience staffs exertioning troddenly delay the duty appointmentrs, exact violent flexibility Limit the absorbs and term when operativeling the shipment, and term off of employees 3. 3. 3. To the tenor and ship-produce staffs Avoid uncertain strikes in classifying instruments to minimize operativeling term Try to deal term and places to operativele as sundry custodys as feasible to convert emotional term and absorb when traveling from the appointment to the magazine or to customariness 3. 4. Proposals 3. 4. 1. To the Society Conduct financial arrestation, adjust the absorbs reasonably and pay vigilance to the publicity chaffer for the figure compromise in providing uses to customers Improve