Search the Internet and the University library and settle notice environing a national community that has been a martyr of hacking, grounds nonperformance, or a computer misdeed. Based on the results of the exploration, transcribe an academic brochure 3 pages concerning project and implementation of a capacious juridical accounting policy. Your brochure should involve the following:  ●      Assess the situation encircling the hacking and the resulting contact to the community's customers and operations.  ●      Put yourself in the locate of the juridical accountant for that community and educe a detailed juridical accounting policy for the community indicating how implementing this policy allure minimize the waste of the office rules entity hacked in the advenient.  ●      Exploration safeguard authorization vendors and approve a effect for the community you clarified indicating how this effect allure get consummation safeguard to the community's rules.  ●      Additionally, as a juridical accountant for that community, get any suggested revision to the community’s safeguard rule fond the increased waste of distrusted entrance to the community's notice rules and to fix the community’s grounds reliability. ●      Present your omission and conclusive thoughts environing the event clarified and the competency of your plain juridical accounting policy.