This Assignment challenges you to apportion the three senior presumptive perspectives of sociology to excite the proceeds of population varys on the environment. For this Assignment, you gain transcribe a 3 to 5 page essay delay the forthcoming elements: An portico that describes the forces aback population vary. A argument of the proceeds on the environment when population vary results in urbanization. An anatomy of the proceeds of proceeds population vary from the structural-functional, social-conflict, and symbolic interaction approaches. A analysis that reviews the senior points of the paper and offers one prompting for excite con-over on the issues akin to population vary and the environment. Citations from at smallest two regards. You may use the order materials as regards for this Assignment. The essay should be written in a argumentative, compact, and organized form using APA formatting and citation name. Include a inscription page, 3–5 pages of written passage, and a Regard page. One regard must be from: Macionis, J. J. (10/2013). Sociology, 15th Edition.