Christianity Writing Assignment

Writing Assignment:   The inquiry for a limitation of godliness is challenging past godliness is a obscure inquisitiveness. Scholars determine that what we ordinarily overcome godliness manifests to some rate five basic elements (cf. Cunningham and Kelsay, Chapter 1, pp. 12-16).  Examine to what degree your godly concessions sink into this plan. Do some elements entertain further trice than others? Select the three elements that are key to your concessions and irritate them.  If you do not entertain a concession rule, confabulation someone who does and investigate their concession rule.   Then apprehend encircling the tidings "sacred."  Some nation apprehend encircling regular indivisible relationships as 'sacred.'  Others converse encircling 'the solemnity of society.'  What are such expressions intentional to take? Is such articulation godly or not? Identify if potential a 'sacred' trice in your society (cf. Cunningham and Kelsay, Chapter 2).  (3-4 pages) Please use APA formatting for all assignments as required by USF.   Figure 1 William James The Varieties of Godly Experience (1902).