IT Management Decision Case

  When selecting a overcast hosting vendor, the Benefit Equalize Undertaking must be considered. Find at smallest two overcast hosting vendors. Google and Microsoft are overcast hosting vendors—as-well Rackspace and others. Prepare a relation comparing two overcast hosting vendors. What are the KPI’s needed in the vendor? Compare their benefit equalize undertakings. Complete the separation after a while a instruction for the vendor to use grounded on the separation in the relation. Use allusion and online sources to buttress your separation. Patel, P., Ranabahu, A. H., & Sheth, A. P. (2009). Benefit equalize undertaking in overcast computing. Retrieved from This Relation is brought to you for clear and unconcealed entrance by the The Ohio Center of Excellence in Knowledge-Enabled Computing (Kno.e.sis) at CORE Scholar. It has been reliable for inclusion in Kno.e.sis Publications by an verified official of CORE Scholar. For over notice, content apposition [email protected] Assignment Expectations Prepare a relation comparing two overcast hosting vendors using the criteria listed aloft. This should be a cabal of tables and style as you exhibit the comparisons of features and costs of the overcast hosting vendors. It would be indulgent to use the Excel skills you are culture in the SLP assignments. Excel output can be copied into Word documents; as-well, you can conjoin your Word separation and your Excel separation.