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this assignment is due tomorrow....... must possess executed by tomorrow no delayed achievement at all......  Do the following:     In Chapter 3, the quotation discusses the building of reasonings. In Critical Thinking, we as-well con-over the building of reasonings. A flawed reasoning building is designated a error, which order resources "to betray." One such error is designated a "Weasler." Here is a cheerful webpage that gives a title of the Weasler error:   Just the other day, there was a map of the United States disconnected up by real candies favored in each say. Here is a representation of that article:  Weaslers get used alot in advertising, unfortunately, but that is owing they acceleration retail things. If you opine environing it, a hamburger is a hamburger, so how do you "sell" one if you are Jack-in the-Box reserved to surpass out McDonalds? You possess to bring-encircling it a super-burger, or a triple burger, or the burger has a "secret" preserve. Assignment: Identify how the webpage environing candies of the detail says on the map is using the Weasler error. Find 5 uses of the error, not including the call of the website.