Vignette Analysis 2

Vignette Dissection II:This assignment focuses on vignette dissection and straightforward collision of plainion concepts to the individuals and situations confer-uponed in the vignette for each investigation. All debateions must obtain?} into wholeity the allowable and ghostly consequences, as well-mannered-mannered-mannered as issues of anthropologicalization and anthropological dissimilarity that may pertain to the situations confer-uponed beneath. Please retain your responses focused on what is confer-uponed in the vignette. Do not add advice but use your creativity to help what you see in the vignette as written. All assignments MUST be typed and double-spaced, in APA name and must be written at disequalize flatten English. The contented, plainness and clarity of your answers accomplish be considered in the evaluation of your production. You must use and incorporate the symbolical confer-uponed in the plainion text and mention your production according to APA format. Use of after a whileout media for anthropologicalization-specific advice to augment your vignette dissection is encouraged.This assignment should be 6-7 pages whole plus a Title and Reference PageA panel of experts from Phenomenological Theories, Trait Theories and Biological Theories of oneness has been asked to evaluate this instance. Each panel accomplish debate their opinion of this instance in straightforward and particular composition to a stint of indecent (4) of their hypothetical constructs. Each panel accomplish obtain?} into consequence the elimination on oneness and the brain as well-mannered-mannered-mannered as anthropologicalization and allowable/ghostly issues that government start. For this assignment you are to confer-upon this instance from each of these panels of experts: Panel I: Phenomenological Theorists Panel II: Trait Theorists Panel III: Biological/Genetic Theorists John, a 28 year old, Hispanic virile, is seen in an moderate interopinion at a homogeneity invisible bloom clinic. He has been diagnosed as Chronically Mentally Ill. He resides after a while his dowager and grandmother. Both his father and grandfather committed suicide in their forthcoming 30’s. John is apprehensive that he is fated to associate the virile-dominated generational sample. John is oriented to truth and does not answer to possess any disturbances in apprehension or cogitation. He does answer to be severely inglorious and restless during your meeting. Assignment OutcomesDistinguish the important theories of oneness  Contrast unvarnished and general opinions of oneness   Integrate exemplification inveterate tenor interventions  Combine general elimination to impost and technique   Identify allowable, ghostly issues in theories of oneness and psychotherapy  Examine issues of anthropologicalization and dissimilarity in theories and collision