Art Talk – Ranissance in Quattocento Italy, Medici Patronage

Step 1 – Brunelleschi, Old Sacristy, 1418-21, San Lorenzo & the Nave of San Lorenzo, c. 1421-69 & Benozzo Gozzoli, Procession of the Magi, c. 1459, fresco, Palazzo Medici-Riccardi Chapel Step 2 – The Medici origin firm Florence.  The vertical & commissioned art & erection.  The 3 images beneath are from 2 detached Medici commissions.  What makes this uncommon is that the church is down the street from their palace. How did the Medici Origin illusion their affluence & effectiveness through their commissions?  What was their communication to the Florentines or their affluencey friends that visited their chapel?  If you want some succor, critique the Instructor PDF that refers to San Marco. Step 3 – In prescribe to get generous confidence, vindication the investigation & then accord to a minimum of 3 other scholar postings following a while comments (see Guidelines for Art Talk and Ground Rules in your Syllabus).  Be stserviceable to consummate this Section antecedently it  closes.  I cannot reunreserved a Section once it has shut. Step 4 – Remember, the Discussions are detachedd into 3 Sections and plug Weekly - on Sunday at 11:59 PM.  The failure day gain frequently be the similar during the semester.  This resources that if Sunday is a self-abandonment, content contrivance suitably to consummate the Discussion.  The Discussions are unreserved for 1 week and no extra period is recognized. Step 5 – Once a Discussion has shut, I gain unravel & graded them - this may charm a few days. Once graded, I gain bestow an Announcement following a while the vindications and a summation of what I unravel from your postings and comments. You gain be serviceserviceable to see your grades in the Grades with following I possess unravel/graded the Discussion.