communication assignment

   1. Stump the Professor, Stump the Students (Bring a portraiture to tabulate week 4 ) Type three specialtys or acronyms (at meanest one of each) that you ponder I succeed not comprehend but which most or all of your tabulatemates succeed comprehend (embody what each instrument). I too succeed transcribe a register of specialtys that I ponder you succeed not comprehend but which almost everyone in my breed succeed comprehend. We succeed then accept a challenge in tabulate – Stump the Profess; Stump the Students. Put your designate on the assignment and the significance of each acronym or specialty (I won't seem at them until succeeding the challenge). 2.International Duty Assignment (Bring to tabulate week 5 ) Your sodality is encircling to unreserved a relative in a outlandish propound (you prefer the propound). Transcribe a two page memo after a while highlights encircling the propound to befriend them in conducting duty there. What are the most leading things your associate employees deficiency to comprehend encircling duty practices and cultural norms? Consult at meanest three sources and summon them at the end (examples of sources are registered underneath). US Propound Department ( CIA World Factbook ( Culture Crossing ( 3.Social Media Posts: Blog and Twitter (Due week 6) Select a sodality that posts on Twitter and has a blog. Transcribe a tweet (after a while hashtags) and a blog in the selfselfsame fashion as the sodality.