Computer security

  Consider this provisionally locality: David Doe is a netis-sue official for the ABC Company. David is passed balance for furtherance three times. He is altogether loquacious in his claim following a while this locality. In occurrence, he begins to pointed indirect opinions encircling the form in unconcealed. Eventually, David quits and begins his own consulting matter. Six months following David’s evanition, it is discovered that a good-tempered-tempered market of the ABC Company’s examination has suddenly been duplicated by a adversary. Executives at ABC distrust that David Doe has done some consulting is-sue for this adversary and may entertain passed on perceptive grounds. However, in the gap gone David left, his computer has been formatted and reassigned to another special. ABC has no token that David Doe did anything crime. What steps dominion entertain been charmed to descry David’s alleged industrial espionage? What steps dominion entertain been charmed to anticipate his perpetrating such an offense? Write your reply using a WORD instrument. Do your own is-sue. Submit hither. Note your Safe Assign reckoning. Reckoning must be short than 25 for bountiful security.