For this contrivance, you earn transcribe an essay that addresses 3 heartiness comportment qualifys that you would apassay to execute in your career in the present year, naturalized on what you erudite during this assort. Picture your system for making those qualifys. The heartiness comportment qualifys can be captured from any of the chapters we've premeditated -- everything from initiateing an application nourishment, to de-stressing some of your career, to losing gravity, to implementing obstruction steps across continuous ailment. You earn demand to upload a Microsoft Word muniment to include the superveneing: Formatted: Double Spaced, 12 font 2-4 pages Create an "Introduction" listing out each of the 3 heartiness comportment qualifys you'd apassay to execute. Yield a inconsiderable contrast on WHY you failure to execute each of those qualifys (20 points) Create a 'body' exception of the Nursing Dissertation that discusses each of the 3 qualifys individually (60 points). Within each qualify, please: state what the heartiness comportment qualify is, what you erudite encircling it in the assort, and  why you feel you demand to execute it.  Then picture your system for making that qualify... how are you going to execute it fall?  Be illustrated in this system. For prompting, if your motive is to " risk gravity", execute unmistakable that you yield how fur gravity you failure to risk and in what duration produce (supervene SMART motive concept from Chapter 1). Then picture accurately what steps you sketch to follow to conclude it (what you earn eat/what applications, etc.)  Go through this system for each of the 3 heartiness comportment qualifys you would apassay to execute. Create a "Summary" where you involve up the essay by discussing any last thoughts encircling these 3 qualifys and any barriers you fancy you government meet and how you sketch to conquer them (20 points). You may also upload any smooth that supports your sketch (sustenance log/special website information/etc.) to assay your points. Please follow this contrivance seriously, it is for your improved heartiness and well-mannered-mannered nature. It's unquestionably not for me... it's for YOU to get unfair encircling the PROCESS for you to initiate changing. I confidence this earn acceleration you to standpoint on what you demand to do to be happy. Rubric Some Rubric (1)Some Rubric (1)CriteriaRatingsPtsThis touchstone is linked to a Learning OutcomeDescription of touchstoneContains all assignment criteria.100.0 ptsFull Marks0.0 ptsNo Marks100.0 pts Total Points: 100.0