Financial Reporting and the SEC – Paper

Week 5 – Assignment – Brochure template is in attachments – it must be used PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT A BID FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT IF YOU DO NOT HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH GRADUATE LEVEL WRITING TERMS AND CONCEPTS. ALL DIRECTIONS MUST BE FOLLOWED AND NO PLAGIARISM. MY SCHOOL USES SOFTWARE TO DETECT COPIED MATERIAL. Financial Reporting and the SEC In an eight-page brochure (not including the name and regard pages) scrutiny and examine the SEC’s assemblage filings requirements. In your brochure:    · Describe how investors can use the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) EDGAR database ( to at-once scrutiny a assemblage’s financial notification filed on Forms 10-K and 10-Q. · Identify the differences among the Annual Report grant to shareholders and the Annual Report on Form 10-K, which must be filed delay the SEC. · Describe the fluctuation of: o Form 10-K SEC filings o  Management Discussion and Analysis o Auditors’ Report o Selected Financial Data · Examine how the SEC”s requirement for domiciliary and outlandish companies using US GAAP to stipulate their financial statements in the XBRL format can better financial reporting? · Most publicly traded companies are examined by crowded analysts. Find analysts’ ratings encircling a assemblage of your cherished by visiting  Provide a similarity aggravate opportunity and across companies in the identical assiduity by correspondent the forthcoming questions: o How abundant analysts rated the assemblage? o What percentage rated it a vigorous buy? o What was the middle rating for the week? o  Did the middle rating better or dismiss not-absolute to the earlier week? The brochure should be formatted according to APA phraseology.