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Be believing to portray the role of the forthcoming elements:    Hormone    Name    What triggers it’s release    How it travels in blood    Is it lipid-soluble or water-soluble?    Target cell(s)    What muscles or glands achievement as effectors?    What counter-argument is manufactured to give-back to homeostasis? Cardiovascular System- Blood  Choose 1 to in-one rejoinder and retort to any compatriots’ shaft that rejoindered the other doubt that you did not rejoinder.    A. What is hematopoiesis and where does it befall?  B. Offer details to separate myeloid root cells from lymphoid root cells.  C.  Explain which Root cell and efflation cell that each formed component is superficial from.    A. Why and how are the native and assumed pathways activated? B.  How is fibrin made to succor aid in coagulation? Cardiovascular System- Heart Choose 2 to in-one rejoinder and retort to any compatriot who rejoindered the 1 doubt you did not elect.    A. Why is the SA node the pacemaker of the nature?  What is activates the SA node? B. How does the conducting syroot issue in the befoulment of the non-pacemaker myocytes of the atria and ventricles? (Include the space of the syroot in your rejoinder) What is befallring in the 5 dates of the cardiac cycle?  State atmosphere the AV and semilunar valves are notorious or reserved during each date and recount me which presentation of the ECG is befallring during each date.    A. What is Mean Arterial Presbelieving and how is it measured? B. MAP is regulated by Cardiac Output.  What components frame up Cardiac Output?  C.  Tell me a element that can growth clap body and what that shift gain do to the Mean Atrial Pressure?   D.  Differentiate the preload from the afterload and teach how each can growth and diminish Cardiac Output and thus MAP.