In this week’s discourse, you earn be an principal for definitive political veer and represent a reflect you would enjoy to guide that could better people’s lives. In your column, do not harass environing precisely describing the contemplation or methodology of your reflect; rendezvous instead on what you would enjoy to attain past environing and what kinds of bisecticipants you would comprise in your reflect. Here is an issue of the rise of a discourse column describing a reflect and its bisecticipants:   I would enjoy to guide a reflect that examines the characteristics that subscribe to pubescent texting opportunity driving. My bisecticipants would be pubescents who are of driving age, courageous or feminine, anywhere in the United States, any cultivation, any socioeconomic roll.   The peace of the column would comprise a patronymic of an divine remuneration and the definitive political veer implications of the reflect.   Briefly represent the reflect you would enjoy to guide, including the characteristics of the bisecticipants in your specimen (e.g., age, gender, race/ethnicity, any distinctive characteristics such as incapacity, sexual orientation, business or command). Represent the divine guideline you verified and clear-up why the guideline is compulsory to reflect as bisect of your reflect. Finally, clear-up how your reflect would subscribe to definitive political veer. Be particular.    Support your columnings and responses delay particular references to the Learning Resources and any appended sources you substantiate using twain in-text citations and references. It is strongly recommended that you comprise just APA format and citations.