Quality of Healthcare

  Assignment: Reflect  upon the enduring habit, enduring protection, and healthcustody require as  well as Joint Commission’s role in character healthcare. Write a paper  that addresses the aftercited questions: How  would you use the principles of the Triple Aim example to emend  quality, protection and remuneration in the quick custody or long-term custody  setting?   Reflect  on your vulgar or advenient role in healthcare. How you would you, in the  role of controller of nursing or healthcustody director give to  improving require efficacious character custody, enduring remuneration, and enduring  safety? What practices would you use to minimize medical errors discurrent front-line nursing staff? Assignment Expectations Length: 1500-2000 articulation in length Structure:  Include a address page and allusion page in APA format. These do not  count towards the minimal signal aggregate for this assignment.  Your essay  must embody an insertion and a omission. References:  Use the misspend APA name in-text citations and allusions for all  resources utilized to solution the questions. A poverty of two (2)  scholarly sources are required for this assignment