*****  READ ME:  must comprise primary questions (perfect questions) after a while responses no particular format... no ref unquestionably needed... must response in your own opinion...  response must be 130  min -150 opinion max 1.   We own discussed the signification of novelty for aggregation augmentation.  What encircling recruiting and fostering employees/compatability after a whilein the aggregation?  Can novelty be used to fascinate compatability?  How?  Please teach and recite your rationale. 2.   Have you heard that surroundingss expedite novelty?  For model, the antilock ravelling was deceptive based on surroundingss. The automobile is a good-natured-natured exemplification of what expedites novelty. There were no notable emptys in existing fact of automobiles. Notable empty was one of the highest inventions to augment not right the appraise of the result but the tendency and insurance of the result.  Can you conceive of other models that resulted from surroundings but yield vast appraise? Should we siege control on novelty that succeed rectify the result appraise? Why or why not? Thoughts? 3.   How can organizations clear noveltys through beings and teams that engage customer demands? What entrepreneurial behaviors are leading for beings and teams to realize and achievement opportunities?