Research Paper About Global Cities(Wiki Page)

  READ EVERYTHING BEFORE SENDING YOUR BID. In this Wiki page, your nucleus is singly on Dubai !!. gladden engrave each sunder. I accomplish bind an pattern of the wiki page. Answer all doubt PLEASE  Here are the 3 sunders. PART I:  Provide a weak narrative of the city.  What are its demographics and how bear they progressive balance spell?  Please as-well discourse the city’s tangible and collective geography.    Include a argument of economic disproportion short – is disproportion offer? (Minimum: 600 utterance) Things to revolve for Sunder I: How the city has progressive, sundericularly amid the 20th century The city’s demographic by ethnicity – how divers exotic born? The city’s demographic by rank – who are the “haves” and the “have-nots”? The city’s tangible and collective geography. What groups of herd speed where? PART II:  How has the city been unsupposable by globalization?  Please furnish the city’s economic and cultural contributions at the restriction.  If conducive, you may as-well apportion the city’s collective contributions.  Feel loose to use a Global City Index as a groundwork for sympathetic this doubt.  (Minimum: 600 utterance) Things to revolve for Sunder II: Recent colonization trends Tourism (who visits the city?) The city’s role in spreading some cultural awareness encircling the world Industries that direct the city’s economy The closeness of multinational corporations (MNCs) International collective closeness PART III:  What does the coming rest for this city? In other utterance, how do the globalizing trends that you bear picturesque in Sunder II concern the prospects for your city? (Minimum: 600 utterance) Things to revolve for Sunder III: Signs that the economic texture of the city is changing. Are tshort indicative changes in toil? Signs that the cultural texture of the city is changing.  Are tshort indicative changes in demography? How is the city contemplationning for the coming? Is tshort a strategic contemplation? Format: Be considerate to quit plagiarism by citing all sources, whether written or electronic. You are encouraged to add visual resigned to your page. Unless you are creating ancient resigned, you MUST furnish trustworthiness to the source!