Unit 5

Activity #3: Submission In this ace you well-informed encircling exploit conduct and wellness conduct. You besides well-informed encircling race planning and outgrowth interventions. For each homework assignment that you acquiesce in this progress, you must keep a poverty of 3 conversant sources (peer-reviewed journal subscription). Please fix that you prosper exemplar APA formatting. Your brochure must keep a style page and a regard page. You must keep a poverty of five (5) in-text citations. Read the case:  Employee Benefits at HealthCo initiation on page 519 (Cummings & Worley, 2015). Respond to the prospering questions in an essay (3 page poverty). Apply the OD processes, such as singularity and vary conduct, to issues cognate to exploit conduct, employee and organizational work-life issues, benefits, and programs. Describe some of the issues cognate to singular work-life counteract, and irritate cognate organizational maintenance for it. How can Healthco behove a top work-life counteract sodality?    Please acquiesce your completed work