What is culture

The Argument Board is segregate of the kernel of online lore. The scope of the Argument Board is to own you to imbibe through sharing ideas and experiences as they report to line gratified and the Argument Board doubt. Classroom argument in an online environment requires your locomotive segregateicipation succeeding a while assortmates and your educationist to fashion hearty interaction and colloquy. Students are extremely encouraged to enlist on the Argument Board coming and frequently, as that is the chief way the university tracks assort retinue and segregateicipation. Because it is not practicable to enlist in two-way colloquy succeeding a dialogue has ended, no shafts to the DB accomplish be certain succeeding the end of each part.  At a reserve, you accomplish be expected to full 3 shafts during the part: 1 ancient repartee to the Argument Board doubt and 2 shafts responding to assortmates, subjoined these guidelines: Your ancient shaft must be at smallest 200 language in extension. It must relation the quotation or line lore materials at smallest uniformly. Gladden voicelessness that equable if the doubt asks for an theory, you are stationary expected to food theorys succeeding a while relations to line materials and any other probable academic sources to food your theorys. Do not use Internet sources other than those supposing in the line materials. APA format is not needful for your Argument Board when citing relations, but you are required to own your resources: In the narrative, depict where notice was obtained. For pattern, “As mentioned in Chapter 2 of the line quotationbook, prioritizing tasks is...” or “As mentioned in the intellipath homily for Part 2...” Your two repartee shafts must be at smallest 75 language in extension. Responses should subscribe to the dialogue by entity insensible, unfair, and winning. Quick repartees (such as “I agree” or “Thank you!”) accomplish not be counted as adequate. Your primary aid must be shafted precedently midnight CST (Central interval) on Friday of each week. You must form 2 subjoined shafts—on disjoined days betwixt Saturday and Tuesday—precedently midnight CST. The ancient repartee and the mate repartees can be fulld in any enjoin. For help in fooding your assignment, gladden use your quotation and all line materials. After you keep reviewed the Assignment Details adown, click the Argument Board coalesce subordinate the My Work appellation overhead to form your shaft. Review this tutorial on How to Shaft to the Argument Board. Assignment Details Should inhabitants orderly say “live and let live” when they contemplate at the customs of another cultivation that they furnish objectionable? Begin by lection this inadequate expression, Cultural Relativism vs. Divine Relativism, and then vindication the subjoined doubts: What is cultural relativism? What is divine relativism? What, if any, is the analogy betwixt the two?  Do inhabitants beyond of a cultivation keep the proper to criticize that cultivation’s values or beliefs? Why or why not? Think of a zealous pattern of a cultural custom. For pattern, say another cultivation customs offshoot wedlocks. What would a cultural relativist say encircling this? What would an divine relativist say encircling it? Food your vindication. References Council on Foreign Relations. (2013). Offshoot wedlock. Retrieved from https://www.cfr.org/interactives/child-marriage?cid=otr_marketing_use-child_marriage_Infoguide%2523!/#!/ X40553. (n.d.). Cultural relativism vs. divine relativism. WordPress. Retrieved from https://x40553.wordpress.com/2011/09/27/cultural-relativism-vs-ethical-relativism/ In your own language, shaft a repartee to the Argument Board, and note on at smallest 2 other shaftings. You accomplish be graded on twain smooth of enlistment and the power of the aid to the argument. Grading Rubric Assignment CriteriaProficient DescriptorPoints Quality of  Deep Post 27 Points Total Student’s deep shaft meets or exceeds the subjoined requirements Responds fullly to all of segregates of argument doubt. (7 points) Communicates gratified notice correspondently and/or logically (7 points) Delivers a regardful repartee demonstrating insights and reflections (7 points) Connects to twain key gratified concepts and indivisible experiences (6 points) /27 pts. Response to Peers 24 Points Total • Responds to a reserve of  2 mates.  (12 points per repartee) Substantive repartee (6 points) Furthers the dialogue succeeding a while mates. Examples could include:  (6 points)   Provides subjoined resources Connects to key concepts