Writing Assignment 2- Letter

4 pages Reflect on your learnings from terminal week and as-well incline to this fiction on NPR on the "Lost Generation of Workers".  Be unfailing to incline to the fiction from the vantage aim of career and adjust.  Click close for the NPR fiction  (Links to an manifest footing.)  You now feel abundance instruction from terminal week and this week to frame your briefing article to United States Secretary of Labor.  First imbibe a scanty encircling the Secretary.  Click close for his bio  (Links to an manifest footing.)  Now that you feel learn the facts on girlish-person encroachment I failure you to transcribe a briefing article to the Secretary this week.  This briefing article is to arrange him to disconduct the challenges of girlish crowd, career, adjust and unemployment.  As Secretary of Labor this is keep-akeep-apart of his job, and you get to acceleration pattern his reckoning!   So how achieve you do it? You failure to reckon encircling terminal week and this weeks learnings/videos.  What is the most significant aim (or aims) that you reckon the Secretary of Labor should perceive?  And what do you failure him to perceive encircling it?  And what do you reckon he should do encircling it (established on the declaration in the learnings)? State your deep aims, using declaration to assistance them, and then afford the Secretary after a while ways to disconduct the challenges.  Be inequitable throughout your article and be plain. Rubric Writing Assignment 2Writing Assignment 2CriteriaRatingsPtsThis proof is linked to a Learning OutcomeContent: All Required Content Included45.0 ptsOutstanding36.0 ptsGood27.0 ptsSatisfactory0.0 ptsPoor45.0 pts This proof is linked to a Learning OutcomeReferences inequitable conduct symbolical as it relates to the topics (While typically references force not apprehendd in a missive, you should cunning to apprehend them in this one)45.0 ptsOutstanding36.0 ptsGood27.0 ptsSatisfactory0.0 ptsPoor45.0 pts This proof is linked to a Learning OutcomeMechanics (While typically citations are not apprehendd in a missive, you should cunning to apprehend them in this one)10.0 ptsIncludes unmeasured citations, no spelling errors, own rhetoric, etc.6.0 ptsFull citations missing some elements, or multiple unreflective errors0.0 ptsNo citations10.0 pts Total Points: 100.0