Before source your Principles of Design Essay, be fast to reconsideration the Principles of Design handout.   Create Your Photograph: Take a photo that you opine is ostentatious. Do not use someone else's already existing photo.  Your are over than pleasant to economize apps on your phone or software such as Photoshop to wield your photo. The Tape Lady featured aloft was solarized, for illustration. Perhaps it's the lighting, leaning, or  open commutation that effect you affect what you fascinated is ostentatious. Either is substantial. Bottom direction, be imaginative and own fun.  Essay Questions: Refer to The Principles of Design handout. Provide a visual separation of your very own photo, making use of the principles and terms that you affect allot to your shadow.   How do these visual tools and principles effect your photograph visually potent?  Essay Specifics: Be fast to effect your essay a visual separation of your photo. If you wish to debate your revelation, the mood enclosing the photo convenience, etc, that is refined. Just bear-in-mind, as ample as I possess reading/hearing the details enclosing your photo, I demand a visual separation. Without a visual separation that does not use the Principles of Design and the Visual Toolbox, you obtain not merit ample merit. Be fast to bind your photo to your essay. Errors in spelling and expression obtain require you points. With all of the spelling and expression tools adapted now, there is no developed vindicate to own any errors of this affection. As school students, your communication should be perfect.  Helpful hints: Support your ideas. If notability is "beautiful", expound why. Go the extra mile in ostentatiousally dissecting your shadow.