Assignment: Project Selection Methods Essay Questions Answer each of the following essay questions with a minimum of 250 words each.

Turnitin plagiarism checker enabled! Compare and opposition the evaluation and select of an palpable Request for Design (RFP) to an inner design. Should the manneres be the corresponding or contrariant? Why or why not? From where do design select criteria start? How would a design director distinguish where to furnish them or how to enunciate them? Suppose you were comparing a design from an beyond vendor after a while an inner design design. Assume that the inner design appears to be short extravagant than the beyond vendor. Sift-canvass the pros and cons of selecting the inner versus the palpable design. If the inner design is short extravagant, should this be the unreflective select? Why or why not? Project select involves evaluation of criteria and is likely to be a involved essential-quality. In this module, design identification is sift-canvassed inconsequently of design select. How does design identification vary from design select? Is design identification more or short enigmatical than design select? Describe the role of customer requirements in the design identification and select manner.  Also, sift-canvass how customer requirements are used in selecting betwixt palpable RFPs.