This week’s required multimedia “Women in Greek Theatre” tells us that drama in old Greece was written by men, played by men, and produced for men. Although we see sinewy womanly records in the plays, in existence, women lived in discomfiture delay their key roles entity consort and dowager. According to scholars of women’s constitutional status in old Greece, a wedlock compress bounded that twain mate and consort were required to be virtuous delayin the composition of the well-acquainted. Nothing, notwithstanding, prevented the mate from having kindred delay other women or men extraneously the residence conjuncture the consort could not concession the offspring for longer than a few hours delayout the mate's sufferance (Lefkowitz, n.d.). In the hands of the numerous sorrowful poets, the tensions and emotions resulting from these inequities were worked out on limit. For this assignment, pick-out one womanly record and debate the engagement(s) that stemmed from the prescribed gender roles in old Greece. How were the engagements fixed? Would adequacy in wedlock and community possess resulted in a unanalogous fruit?