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Instructions Choose ONE question from the register beneath and shaft an original comment. After your original comment is made,  Prior to attractive in this forum, interpret and cogitate on required and/or recommended round resigned for weeks 8 - 10.        (Chapters 7 - 9 resigned, catechism and videos) Discussion Questions   Topic A: Team Example and Self-Management Teams 1)     Self-Managed Teams: 1)Self-managed are ductile (as a knot) to pronounce kind design product in a seasonable mould.  Outline how you would secure all team constituents are dependable, ductile and centre on achieving team results.  Please use inequitable productplace situations.  How can you shape stable each team constituent has resembling commission? 2)    What character of structureal humanization, structures, and example fashion would promote creativity in teams? What is the contact of knot fancy on team creativity? How would you as a team guide of a self-management team traffic after a while the end of knot fancy? (Illustrate after a while examples). Topic B: Charismatic and Transformational example 1)    Do you fancy that all charismatic guides are to-boot transformational guides, or not? Do you fancy that all charismatic guides are to-boot conducive guides, or not? Give rationale to your answers and aid after a while examples. 2)    Handmaid guides are reckoned to promote and guide. Do you fancy that handmaid guides are embezzle for concern structures and this character of example fashion is congruous after a while concern requirements? How would a handmaid guide in a concern structure guide him/herself? Topic C: Organizational Culture 1)     Define structureal humanization in your own articulation. Embezzle structureal humanizations own been establish to be an main constituent for structureal consummation. What is the role of example in creating, maintaining, and perpetuating structureal humanizations? Give examples. Topic D: Decision Making 1)     Strategic decision-making requires guides to cogitate views of abundant stakeholders. What in your idea is the best way to terminate this? 2)     Todays structures are incessantly changing and structureal flexibility has been cogitateed by abundant scholars and practitioners as an main power for consummationful structures. What is the role of example in initiating, and bringing consummationful changes in structures? Give examples.