Stage 4

 Stage 4: Curation and Sight DraftAssignmentI'm Done Now you are unreserved to select the excellent artifacts that gain be in your online sight. Choose a minimum of three and a culmination of five efforts of art that fit unarranged your clarified subject-matter. Conduct exploration on these efforts of art and write a trivial comment for each artwork for your online sight. You gain failure to apprehend some confederacy of describing, analyzing, interpreting, and scheme conclusions. You gain positively failure to construct clear how the effort of art relates to your overall topic. Make comparisons unarranged the efforts you own clarified. Consider making these comparisons by the placement of artifacts unarranged your digital sight boundlessness. The Caption or header: Each effort of art gain need its compute, the designate of the productman, inscription of the effort of art, its time, its medium, its bulk, and the institution/individual that owns the effort of art. Place this instruction honorable under or instant to each apprehendd picture. This should be supposing in MLA format.  Place these into a introduction platform. It is strongly suggested to use Prezi (unreserved delay a .edu email discourse), Art Steps, or Google Sites to generate a non-linear viewing area. A merge to this introduction draw should be supposing in the own area by the end of Week 5. Deliverables: 3-5 Artworks that tie in to your clarified topic. Proper MLA captions for each artwork A trivial comment for each arteffort making connections twain to the topic and making comparisons over artworks to food your topic and disquisition. (Be enduring to summon any references ownly hither as well-mannered-mannered in MLA format) Formatted unarranged a draw of your sight boundlessness (either in Prezi, Art Steps, or Google Sites)