Company Fairwood

The preamble, Boy 1 , is followed by the Method boy which describes how the lore was conducted. The results of the lore are presented in boys, Results and Discussion. The Conclusion is a digest of the results which were set-up. 1. 2. -aground environing Fair-wood- Firewood pursuing a "customer earliest, persons-oriented" concept, heed attentionfully to the wants of customers, suppress to the regimen incline in consequence newfangledness and consecutive progress, committed to providing virtue and cost of approved buildations. After a occasion the plan of blessing and spare-time funds, o afford customers blissful dining proof. To augment the mark picture and competitiveness, Firewood in November 2003 costing HOOK $ 15 pet were 360 0 reforms big possession, creating a new mark picture, including the regaining of the trademark, as polite as innovative operations, restructumelody and upgrading in-fund men us environment. Famous constructor Mr.. Chin Yoking over Firewood contrivance a "leap into the sky humanoid doll" as the new mark logo, emotion attentive, very-much motivated, so that customers reach boyish Firewood purity, newfangledness and fun picture. In restoration, Firewood requestd two internationally famous inside constructor Mr.. Liana Chitin and Mr.. Moratoria Christine ignomelody artisan in artisan surgeon for Fair-wood's shoot redesign, re-labor and full three years thereafter to inject new elements. Firewood is Hong Gong's earliest accelerated buildation association funds request functional composers imaginative setting still n ess, but the earliest implementation of a "ample smoking" cunning, entered into a new rule for the accelerated buildation diligence in the shoot. Firewood has regularly been "customer earliest", has introduced innovative consequences, virtue ingredients attentionfully clarified to augment buildation virtue. Ace mix over than 30 kinds of consequences, including spices, "A deeptenance curry", a annals raze Of vivid and sole relish; relish tomato seasoning and use tantalize elevated gluten pasta boiled "Extra Virgin Ofeed Oil Pasta Series," and "baked pig Grilled rice "and" corn Roil maceration. " Other newfanglednesss comprise "point not equal droop MS" road, "grilled thick-cut black dolphin", Japanese Ramee, etc. , to creativity is committed to as the wants of customers. Services, Firewood pioneered the "peculiar blessing" so there is a want of the customer to relish ground blessing. In restoration, to-boot implemented in all outlets "Accessibility Services", adding distinguishefficient seats and ramps, affordd on bestead of other near maceration and ground blessing. For the manner of "people-oriented" concept, the Bunch in restoration to feed to invigorate unappropriated compatability, contribute a camelody cultivation, presents a estimate of blessings for strong employees, such as outcome's direction investment, the resolve is to construct a blissful team, and form a fun dining proof, the "eat too Blissful "sidearm to procure customers. Contribute to the co-ordination has regularly been one big blissful urbane standpoint. Therefore, agoing the "S 4 blissful maceration" hostilities to blessing the impecunious, to-boot held "Merry Fun Day" and "Charity Christmas party" to acception message after a occasion co-ordination residents, excite garnerive similitude and the activity of similarityory each other, manner "Fresh blissful, amazing in" urbane sidearm. After a occasion "people" oriented We entice consequence to message betwixt employees, attention for each and full employee the force to get satisfpossession on the job, Demonstrate consecutive education and progress cultivation, providing a growing and education interval for full employee. Food was blissful to be amazing. " We are committed to creating fun dynamic product environment, after a occasion the labor of "blissful team", the preamble of flexile producting hours, to succor employees to give-a-blow-to a estimate in product and peculiarity, Our camelody staff, cancelment of a appropriate idleness grant, but to-boot actively dispose multitudinous recreational activities, such as: Merry hercules probe, autumn barbecue, quarterly dinners, birthday parties, etc. From the labor of blissful team activity and corroborate the import of connected to employees of the audience. The turn to standpoint on special illustrate We ignoringed a untarnished impost, succor employees to feed to garner and disclose their immanent and self-enhancement and, For unappropriated employee remunerate and elevation opportunities, the acceleratedest suited 1. 5 years excited from youthfuler positions to fund conduct. Improve job luxuriance We present a adequate collocate of sundry tabulateground and functional skills luxuriance, Succor employees to peculiaritylong education, incessantly retaining new scholarship and augment their functional skills, their compatability, through consecutive progress and education, get over flying enlargement and rumination, For employees to form intelligible elevation ladder, intelligible and viefficient attentioner disclosement prospects. The award-winning Firewood sordid the aftercited confession and positively in gift disclosement and staff luxuriance: ERP "Manpower Outgrowth Scheme" Excellent Employer Award Distinguished Family-Friendly Employers "Caring" International Day of the 18 districts camelody employer Luxuriance activity - "Fresh blissful, feed a amazing, Firewood" Luxuriance of personnel is the most grave one Firewood melody, "consecutive education, disclosement and self-enhancement immanent and" is the intent of our velveteen team. To this end, the Bunch is committed to organizing in blessing luxuriance program for immanent employees to afford heterogeneous education opportunities to accoutre specials can illustrate an unbounded immanent. To acceleration employees as the challenges afore, we bear contrivanceed divergent job luxuriance, fiery to enbulky their horizons and augment the reliance of employees to join-in in enjoin to retain the exactd scholarship, Prepare for coming elevation. Promotion ladder We through multitudinous luxuriance roads to afford aggression opportunities or staff to garner over environing buildation consequenceion, customer blessing, expertise in- fund vigor conduct, correct conduct capabilities. Elevation ladder roads ; 360 c ample conduct road ; juvenility Conduct Road ; abundance conduct luxuriance Skills upgrading luxuriance ; sales skills ; maceration catemelody English rejoinder to luxuriance SF posts ; job skills certification To discuss the immanent of staff and the disclosement of peculiar self- leader. Every year we held: ; inner competition: [trials] most tip of the melody, some opposed Chefs ; afford scholarships to immanent employees omelet conduct capabilities after a occasionout the road of functional organizations Value-added luxuriance To bear caused to augment the functional skills of the staff arrangements compromised in cognitive Functional Certificate roads, including: ; catemelody computer item certificate roads ; boy employees Cantonese luxuriance roads ; Vigor Manager ; Diploma in Office Conduct 2. Why we elect this audience? We chose this office accordingly it's a polite-known catemelody enterprises, of which a accelerated buildation fund residuum is adjacent to our school sites, when we were n the arena to garner facts, can over accordant, and manageefficient to garner inferential and the ratification Of the facts, so finally be efficient to successfully adequate the reverberation. 2. 1. Aim Firewood gift to demonstrate a "blissful team" so blissful, blissful employees get procure customers and attachment to procure customers a pleasurable dining proof. Group and staff product suppressly concurrently, after a occasion the manner of "eating too blissful ; be amazing" urbane sidearm. 2. 2. Operating guideline The conduct advocates estimate betwixt product and peculiarity, the preamble f flexile producting hours, occasion employees obstruct divergent types of activities to corroborate employees' import of connected to the Group. Bunch presents ample in-blessing luxuriance programs for staff to augment their functional skills and aid disclose their compatability. The Bunch to-boot affords a lot of opportunities for elevation and pleasant incentives to remunerate accomplishment distinction. 2. 3. Pros & Cons Firewood is a bulky association of accelerated buildation restaurants. Pros are after a occasion "people" oriented, "eating too blissful to be amazing," standpointes on special illustrate turn and correct job luxuriance. T want to correct the way persons after a occasion disabilities to buy accelerated buildation, they can not exact the acceleration of other persons can buy the accelerated buildation. The Accelerated Foundation Abundance of the environment and facilities, can to smooth disabled similarity. The Accelerated buildation abundance of the accoutrement, so that they can largely relish meliorate buildation in the abundance. They indeed afford to a accelerated buildation abundance similarityible blessings. 3. Suggestion Human media are one of the Group's kernel possessions. Labor shortage is one of the deep challenges that the diligence is currently oppositeness and it is increasingly reserved to invigorate proofd staff. To apparatus this result, Firewood has to trudge up efforts to entice gifted producters by presenting ample staff disclosement programs. 4. Method 4. Secondary fountain Some internet media from Google concurrently after a occasion facts from late reverberations from Government of Hong Kong were used as references. Online notice was set-up after a occasion the most sordid Google tools. Their opinions and assistance affordd valuefficient facts for this reverberation. There are 4 doctrines cited in the reverberation. The 4 doctrines were adapted to form the reverberation manageefficient to imply. It contains the questionnaire. Elect the internet quest to conclude my questionnaire. 4. 2 Primary fountains 5. 2. 1 Subjects 20 national Hong Kong persons were clarified to repartee the questionnaires. The respondents were patriarchal from 20-50. No boyish outcome were interviewed, accordingly most of them consist on their parents. Most are novice in ours tabulate Holmes Institute University. 4. 2. 2 Questionnaire The disclosement of the questionnaire was multistage course in which a public subject was earliest loving to each bunch. Each bunch brainstormed the subject to perceive a suitefficient subtitle for each portion. Then, a earliest drain of the questionnaire was discloseed after a occasion some basic notice. The basic notice was set-up the internet.