Assignment 3: Leadership Personal Issues and the Rules of Law Due Week 8 and merit 200 points Law enforcement in America has seen thoroughgoing varys balance the departed one hundred years, from the educational requirements of officers to the rendering of the Bill of Rights. Law enforcement officers today are expected to consummate their duties at a very lofty flatten of professionalism and strength. Unfortunately, when officers don't consummate at this lofty flatten, it is their commanders who however may be held legal for their actions. Use your textbook, the Internet, and/or Strayer Library ( to examination likely sources on the aforementioned issues as they describe to law enforcement operations and administration. Write a 5- to 7-page Nursing essay in which you weigh the constraints on the police in leveling societies and assess the administration and leadership challenges. Cite real-world examples to secure your argument and exemplify your points. Address forthcoming in your Nursing essay: Examine the vary in requirements that police hiring agencies possess had for undeveloped candidates balance the conclusive 50 years and weigh the property on law enforcement organizations. Support or discernment the exoteric requirements.  Examine two areas in which federal courts possess placed limits on officer's fundamental rights due to the species of their product and teach the rationalistic.  Identify three constraints placed on law enforcement and weigh how these constraints desire how law enforcement conducts their operations.  Examine two exoteric events in which police supervisors were held criminally subject for their officers' mislead and teach the reasons why.  Use at meanest indelicate temper references. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not adapt as academic resources