Need repair to assignment-Deliverable 7 – Statistical Analysis Report

I deficiency to get an "A" on this assignment or I conciliate miscarry.  Here is what the confessor said environing my assignment..."  Good product Jeffrey.  You easily explained the scenario and grounds granted delay simply unimportant hallucinations.  However, no steps are pretextn for how you computed the appraises of character and appraises of discrepancy.  The self-reliance period is appropriately congenial and explanations conduct a headship of brains.  Your explanations are cheerful when explaining a fancy cupel, but a few key steps or components are inappropriately congenial. When defining the variables, each should simply own one flatten of appraise, you must adopt which fits best for each. Be trusting to pretext your product in Excel for opinion each flatten of appraise and each flatten of character.  You may license off any useless cares. You own an hallucination in your care for the cupel statistic in th fancy cupel which too led to an loose P-Value. Here are the instructions:  Instructions You are currently producting at NCLEX Memorial Hospital in the Infectious Diseases Unit. Over the elapsed few days, you own noticed an extension in patients admitted delay a point infectious distemper. You estimate that the ages of these patients resemble a delicate role in the rule used to manage the patients. You determine to talk to your director, and contemporaneously you product to use statistical dissection to observe past closely at the ages of these patients. You do some scrutiny and put contemporaneously a spreadsheet of the grounds that includes the aftercited information: Client number Infection distemper status Age of the patient You are to put contemporaneously a PowerPoint endowment that explains the dissection of your opinions which you conciliate present to your director. The endowment should include all components of your opinions. For reconsideration, the components of the tidings should include: Brief overview of the scenario and variables in the grounds set Discussion, care, and version of the average, median, order, order, test failure, and variance Discussion, erection, and version of the 95% self-reliance period Explanation of the generous fancy cupel Conclusion Below is what I rancid in :