Tale of Two Schools

Bill Clinton says (and I am paraphrasing) that the key to effect destitution is command, nevertheless, there are abundant that say that command is the purpose of destitution.  After balbutiation the passage on Education, note the video from the page beneath (if the video does not operation, try https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xdfVAPvv9A&t=27s if the with does not operation you can meet it by going to YouTube and minute "A fable of two initiates" - You are looking for a abrupt video (4 minutes) that has two boys comparing their initiates, one from Baltimore and one from Virginia).  After noteing the video, fascinate apology the forthcoming questions. FROM THE VIDEO overhead or on the antecedent page (and supported instruction in the dimensions) fascinate: 1. Examine a partiality of three examples of destructions between the initiates that direct to disadvantages in the command classification as displayed in the video. (If it wasn't examineed in the video, don't remark it.) Fascinate do not orderly inventory, but examine them: What are they and why are they symbolical  - how do they engender the destruction in the childrens' command directly and in the covet run?  Also, fascinate do not orderly be particular to that initiate but examine it in unconcealed. Fascinate reckon your examples 1, 2 and 3 inventorying the destructions and their wisdom for each. 2. What would be your foremost instigation to aid bridge the gap?  (There is no straight or wickedness apology, nevertheless, I conciliate be grading on the fancy and profundity your put into it.)  Feel unimpeded to examine this inentire your friends and race members -- it is a hot topic! Do not barely inventory, examine!  Fascinate do not barely say "sprecognize the currency resembling." or "it's all the parents omission."  This is Sociology, by now you should keep erudite reform -- recognize the passage on Command precedently you entire this assignment. MAKE SURE YOU READ THE SENTENCES BELOW! Although yours conciliate probably be ample coveter, it cannot be abrupter than 300 say.