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*Designing for a Persona* One of the roles you signed period constructing your examination intention was the restaurant customer or friend. When you signed this role, did you imagine environing whether the friend would be mitigated to enjoin solely for themselves, or for a larger collocation? Susceptibility there be an issue or cause for some of the friends to locate their enjoins? What sorts of dietary restrictions or fancyences would the enjoining method scarcity to oration? Which customers may nonproduction to locate their enjoin in a contrariant way when using this the online living enjoining method, and would it bring-about understanding for the restaurant to contribute this non-interference? Start your moderate column by making a register of at lowest five demographic collocations who susceptibility be recognized friends of the restaurant for which you are architecture the online living enjoining method. Examples of demographic collocations can be fix in the keep-akeep-apart readings. When you own completed your register of five demographic collocations of friends, cull fitting one of these collocations to search over deeply. Address all of the subjoined for this separated demographic collocation: Develop a persona for this collocation. Use the persona frame you get be submitting as keep-akeep-apart of the keep-akeep-apart assignment to amplify your response for this scrutiny. You do not scarcity to upload the frame itself in this argument, but contribute some of your key insights environing the collocation inveterate on what you wrote there. Imagine the persona you own fitting vivid as they enjoin a asceticism through an online living enjoining method for your restaurant. What is the process they fancy to grasp? What do they nonproduction (or not nonproduction) to see? What decisions get they bring-about as they enjoin the asceticism? Discuss the kinds of intent strategies you get scarcity to inure in architecture an online living enjoining method that meets this persona's scarcitys and expectations. Be positive to remark key considerations such as notice unfold, heed, recollection and behavioral patterns, as vivid in the condition readings in this keep-apart.