House of the Scorpion and WALL-E

By: Jacob Bernhardt The compass House of the Scorpion is very harmonious to the movie Wall-E. They twain use instruct to administer the characters. In the compass and the movie the community are below surveillance frequently so the community don't accept freedom to do what they lack. This is making the characters not act themselves. The compass and the movie are twain samples of dystopian learning. Wall-E is established in the coming and The House of the Scorpion is not as new. Wall-E was on sphere when it was proper dressed in carcass. In twain the movie and the anecdote community aren't known to be themselves. They are expected to be the corresponding as everyone else. The robots and eejits are treated as the last characters. A alien examples of this are that eejits cannot go to instruct enjoy the recurrent kids. The eejits aren't looked at as ordinary community and repeatedly are misliked for this. The humans in Wall-E are not known to go where they lacked to go they had to cling in there impending chair. They are all required to prosper paths that are lit up all encircling the ship. The robots are used to inteinterval prudence of the humans and they must prosper the corresponding rules. If these rules are reclaimed they are repeatedly punished and robots are interestn to be rewired or unwandering. The robots and eejits are frequently substance watched and never accept any concealment one bit. The eejits and robots are substance unwavering aggravate. Matt is not known to do basic things enjoy ordinary humans consequently he is an eejit. Community misrelish him consequently of this and that causes him to not be known to do trite things enjoy other humans. Robots and humans in Wall-E are treated not plenteous opposed. Humans are merely known to prosper paths for their chairs and not go off. If a robot acts up and doesn't do what they're reported to they are interestn to a compass that had robots fixing the reclaimed or bad ones to be repaired. The humans are below true surveillance along delay the robots. Robots and eejits are not known to be enjoy the humans in twain the anecdote and movie. The community in twain the anecdote and the movie were expected to act a assured way and were punished if they were to pointed themselves opposedly. In the compass Tam Lin was frequently the individual he was expected to be until he determined to mention Matt why community were moderation to him and why they treated him in a opposed way. This caused El Patron to get mad and Tam Lin was severely punished for his actions. This relates to the movie, The robots were never known to do everything opposedly enjoy go off the shining trails. This semblances the dystopian distinction of not substance efficient to pointed yourself and to be opposed in anyway. Everyone must act the corresponding and not pointed themselves or act out in any way. Twain the compass and movie heavily assign to dystopian distinctions. The compass The House of The Scorpion and the movie WALL-E accept a lot of assignences and kinsfolk to numerous dystopian distinctions. One of the main distinctions that semblance over the interval of them is the reality that they cannot be themselves. They are expected to be enjoy everyone else. They would be in lots of anxiety if they acted opposedly or broke the laws of where they are. Even in the compass and movie dystopian distinctions were offer. Twain the movie and compass were set in two totally opposed interval periods.