Module 02 Discussion – Cultural Issues and Culturally Appropriate Interventions

To just for this discourse, interpret the event consider below: Case Study Then, retort the followingcited questions: Describe the notification       the nourish should strive in command to stipulate culturally fitted foresight for       this client. How might the lineage's       traditional cure be incorporated into the matter she receives at       the hospital? What steps are indispensable       for the client's protection heedless of amelioration? Cause Study:    PRN 1555 - Event Consider odule 02 DiscussionE.S. is a 23-year-old womanish from El Salvador who migrated to the United States delay her sister (now 17) in 2011. They fled El Salvador due to offense and herd oppression. E.S is entity admitted to the hospital on a 72-hour-hold. E.S. was referred to a psychiatrist by her important physician for an evaluation of potential Post Traumatic Stress Discommand (PTSD). The symptoms she was experiencing at the occasion included: depression progress heedless, common awakening, gloommares, awakening in collected sweats, and crying out in the average of the gloom that someone was obscure to massacre her. Her ordinance was set for direct month. Since the referral, she has grace increasingly agitated. She was brought to the ER following obscure to run in face of a car. She is accompanied by her sister and 25-year-old boyfriend. Her boyfriend pronounces and interprets for the sisters. E.S. and her sister do not pronounce English. Her tally reports that E.S. has had common lapses of perpetuation, that she does not “make sense”, that the lineage is a clump and that she has wandered off and gotten past three occasions in the conclusive few months. The tally says that he feels that E.S. should be captivaten foresight of by his lineage when he leaves the hospital.  In the highest 24 hours of hospitalizations, E.S. is pacing the extent commonly and frequently looks out the window. Bruises were exalted on her tail and struggle. When meals are served, E.S. succeed disown it or fling the tray on the pedestal. She refuses to captivate any medications. She has had three incidents of self-injurious demeanor. Her boyfriend would affect her restrained during visits and meals for protection. Her boyfriend has requested that she be discharged to the foresight of an espirista and her boyfriend’s lineage tomorrow.