Phase 1: Memo

"I HAVE ALREADY STARTED WORKING ON THIS MEMO BUT I DON'T HAVE TIME TO FINISH IT.  I COMPLETED THE INTRODUCTION AND OUTLINE.  PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHED WORD DOCUMENT AND JUST COMPLETE THE MEMO I HAVE ALREADY STARTED WITH THE OUTLINE PROVIDED" On your primeval day as an Counsel Systems Security controller, you met delay the Chief Counsel Officer. During the discussion, he biblical to you his profound concerns environing the Infrastructure Protection Plan. He asked you to interpret the Department of Homeland Security. (2009). National Infrastructure Protection Plan. Retrieved from carefully and nucleus past on section 6: Ensuring an Effective, Efficient Program Over the Long Term. Since he realizes that you are new to this collocation he asked you to transmit the ultimate delineation, memo and budget in 7 weeks (week 8) but he setup 3 checkpoints for you to transmit cleverness of the delineation to determine accordant movement of the transmitables anteriorly the big donation in week 8. Phase 1: Memo  In this bearing, you deficiency to form 3-5 page authoritative memo environing your assessment of what deficiencys to be performed to encounter the standards inveterate on the National Infrastructure Protection Plan. You deficiency to form positive that the talk in the memo is pure of munificent of errors. You also deficiency to be supposititious in presenting this counsel to capture the most significant points from the National Infrastructure Protection Plan. You deficiency to evidence momentous thinking to prioritize the enjoyment items inveterate on your findings.