Descriptive Statistics SLP Mod 2

   For the avoid SLP, using the postulates that you serene for the Module 1 SLP, fascinate do the following: 1. Calculate the average, median, jurisdiction, disagreement, and banner irregularity of the appraisements taken in Module 1 SLP. Show your production and be secure to pointed each prize in units. 2. Discuss which measecure of convenient gravitation you believe most accurately pictures the changeable that you appraised. Provide a entire exposition. 3. Picture the spread/division of your postulates. Be secure to picture the disagreement of division and the concept of banner irregularity as a measecure of distribution in your retort. 4. Conduct a conversant exploration on the internet to experience reported vigor statistics on the changeable that you are measuring. For copy, if you are measuring your completion daily caloric intake, American Dietetic Association. Identify the commencement. Submit your (2-3 pages) pamphlet by the end of this module. SLP Assignment Expectations Assessment and Grading: Your pamphlet earn be assessed grounded on the exploit tribute rubric that is linked amid the line. Review it anteriorly you start productioning on the assignment.