Hae’s Murder

Hae orchestrated her own despatch delay the succor of a third party to gain Adnan. Suppose the intent was to intentt Hae's collectiveness in Adnan's car in dispose to gain Adnan. Hae's abettor mistook Jay for Adnan (or followed Adnan's car, that Jay external), and Adnan descryed Hae's collectiveness in Adnan's car, freaked out, and either confronted Adnan and they twain buried the collectiveness simultaneously, or buried the collectiveness himself but pointing the finger to Adnan, or proportioned left the collectiveness to Adnan to bargain delay. The authorless tip came from Hae's abettor. The tip was unfair encircling pinning it on one detail peculiar.The collectiveness was buried in a way that wanted to be build (flimsy sedate of 6 inches). Mr S probably common a tip or heard a repute encircling the sedate. Someone wanted the collectiveness to be build and led to Adnan. If Adnan had idea out the despatch, he could keep pre-dug sedate or dug deeper sedate. It seems far fetched but we merely comprehend everything encircling Hae, negative for her diary, her post-breakup message to Adnan, and some of her Lacrosse buddies designated her a tick, as in a very competitive enthusiasm who could not let go. The paint she painted of their homogeneity in her diary sounded approve she was more into Adnan than he was. He recounted entity aggravatebalance encircling the infringe up for a suitableness but got aggravate it owing it's proportioned violent teach nonsense.She was in passion delay him notwithstanding him holding her the demon, and his sin, and endured social annoyance by his parents at the homecoming play. Adnan and his friends idea it was ridiculous.Aisha recounted that Hae didn't hold it was ridiculous.Hae wrote in her diary that Adnan would keep to prefer betwixt her or his piety. She valued that passion gain "conquer all". She would deficiency to gain him see this, that she is balancehead his avowal. She broke up delay him, agoing dating an older guy to gain Adnan suspicious, to get tail at him and in hopes that he would avow his succeed. Adnan would follow popular tail to her and intrust his immortal passion for her always piety be-damned. Instead, Adnan got aggravate her and agoing dating other women, multiple women, and is so fortuitous encircling it. Hae becomes mad aggrieve, suspicious, and plots her own despatch to gain Adnan. By the era Jay (or Jay and Adnan) discaggravate the collectiveness, they're probably violent and freaking out. Adnan (who knew trifle) was probably having a grievous era convincing Jay that he didn't do it and Jay is probably super real that Adnan is the killer that his inclination "filled in the blanks" by the police scrutiny and made his narrative fortify police findings. This would decipher why his stories shift from era to era.They may keep willing of the bodies simultaneously. idkThe unity of the authorless tipper, the narrative from the neighbor boy encircling seeing a girl's still collectiveness in the stem, the casualty of finding the collectiveness, all gain me value that there is a third peculiar who interveniently telling to the subsidence of the collectiveness and blamed Adnan.