Unit 6 Assignment (Read Carefully)

This assignment has 2 compatability. Sunder 1 has scrutinys environing forecasting. You achieve use the template that is granted in the attachments for this Part. Part 2 requires you to excite a instance. For this, you achieve equip a PowerPoint bestowal to give your inventings. See the immovable U6 Assignment Rubric and you achieve invent "Part 2-Case Analysis" for further details. Part 2- Instance Analysis To repartee Sunder 2, you achieve equip a PowerPoint bestowal to give your inventings. Make stable you also acquiesce the Excel rasp to pretence your production for Sunder 2. You achieve select a diminution in points if you fall-short to include the Excel rasp pretenceing your production for Sunder 2. Utilize all the immovable documents to enstable a excellent cessation remove. Use the grounds rasp granted. Do not make your own. Some dishonorable mistakes when doing this scheme. They are as follows: 1. Some students do not explain/interpret ALL the metrics from the illustrative statistics table. Pretence your production, no pics of your production on tract. 2. Providing definitions is not the identical as definition. 3. The goal of the scrutiny is to go further the moderation to assess the act. More: 1. In scrutiny 3, you are comparing the ratings of the two groups.  Sometimes the middles that are seen are 12.6 vs 0.8. This moderations you are excellentlighting the injustice shaft. Don't select the middle of the "does it enjoy stars" shaft. 2. Some students do not conceive the moderationing of the metrics in the retrogression output table and dishonorable their repartees on the injustice figures.  Use the rubric to repress yourself. This is a big sunder of your remove, so do not to-leap anything in your rubric. This is immovable beneath.