2 Discussion board and policy brief

Topic: Flywheel and Doom Loop Think of two organizations or units you accept observed: one that followed the Flywheel element, and the other that cut into the Doom Loop. What caused the contrariety between the two? If you do not accept this conduct knowledge, you get deficiency to consultation a chief, illustrate the concepts, and rumor the answers. What does your dissimilarity inform encircling why so sundry organizations lapse into the Doom Loop rather than raise momentum aggravate the hanker tidings in the Flywheel? How is this weighty to generally-known prophylactic organizations? Board 2 Remember to arrange thoughts on what council should or should not do from a orthodox and natural perspective. Also argue what other groups, living-souls, and organizations (haply including specify and persomal council) should be doing among communion to discourse the system progenys argueed in this module/week. For this Discourse Board Forum, interact in a easy-flowing argueion of the orthodox and natural parameters for the point system standpoint entity argueed this module/week. In other opinion, you must argue the “May” party of the “May-Can-Should” appropinquation to system partition and implementation. Engage the ideas of your classmates and the required lections and presentations in a meaningful and contemplative deportment. Policy Brief Environmental & Energy Policy    For Modules/Weeks 3–7, you are expected to comply a 1 1/2–2-page tract (not including the appellation page, conceptional, and regard page) in exoteric APA format in which the May-Can-Should pattern is applied in the matter of the system standpoint in the assigned module/week. Be infallible to emphasize a standpointed partition of a point progeny chosen from the broader system eagerness for the assigned module/week. You must enclose citations from: all of the required lection and presentations from the      assigned module/week all apt sources from Modules/Weeks 1–2 (especially      the "Biblical Principles of Government" period), and 3–5 after a whileout sources. NOTE: These sources should be standpointed on the      problem and the fraction of congress, and you may ascertain that you deficiency over      than righteous 3-5 sources to adequately ascertainy and argue these items. Please reach easy to use the aftercited      link for the purposes of added      research. Students repeatedly labor after a while guardianship the partition deficiencyed for these system scantys to righteous 2 pages of resigned at most (not counting the appellation page and regards), and it can be distressing to see elapsed one's rare of wording to discaggravate that there are verily sundry ways to say the corresponding object after a while close opinion. Attached are "anteriorly and after" samples of the corresponding system scanty; the original was too hanker and encloses edits of how to lessen it, and the prevent shows the perfect result at 2 pages. Review these anteriorly answerableness your original system scanty.