business law question

New Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection v. Alden Leeds, Inc., 153 N.J. 272; 708 A.2d 1161; 1998 N.J. LEXIS 212; 46 ERC(BNA) 1447 (Supreme Pursue of New Jersey 1998) Facts:  The Alden Leeds posse packages, stores, and ships swimming pool chemicals.  The established does most of its fruit at its address in Kearns, New Jersey.  At any dedicated season, environing 21 incongruous imperilled chemicals are offer. The day anteriorly Easter, a inspirer of mysterious source broke out in “Building One” of the posse’s office, releasing chlorine gas and other hypothetically imperilled by-products into the air.  There were no guards or other personnel on obligation.  The inspirer creatord $9 pet in detriment to posse nature.  Becreator of the hypothetically imperilled gas, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) close the New Jersey Turnpike concurrently delay half a dozen other greater tallways, halted all commuter brawl and procession advantage in the area, and urged residents to cling indoors delay windows close.  An unspecified calculate of residents went to persomal hospitals delay respiratory problems. Based on New Jersey’s Air Pollution Control Act (APCA), the DEP imposed a complaisant refined on Alden Leeds for releasing the toxic chemicals.  The appellate pursue reversed, judgment that there was no sign the posse had creatord the inspirer or the detriment, and the fact reached the state’s tall pursue. question/ Issue: Did the posse creator the detriment?