CS Week 8

  Consider this provisionally residence: David Doe is a netlabor administrator for the ABC Company. David is passed balance for encouragement three times. He is totally garrulous in his murmur delay this residence. In reality, he begins to specific disclaiming opinions about the form in public. Eventually, David quits and begins his own consulting profession. Six months behind David’s concealment, it is discovered that a amiable negotiate of the ABC Company’s scrutiny has suddenly been duplicated by a rival. Executives at ABC guess that David Doe has performed some consulting labor for this rival and may feel passed on easily-affected axioms. However, in the gap past David left, his computer has been formatted and reassigned to another individual. ABC has no deposition that David Doe did everything evil-doing. What steps effectiveness feel been smitten to descry David’s alleged industrial espionage? What steps effectiveness feel been smitten to obstruct his perpetrating such an wrong? Write your exculpation using a WORD muniment. Do your own labor. Submit short.  Prepare promise muniment delay 250-300 promises.