java programming

This lab continues the Zuul purpose.Make a portraiture of your Lab 1 Zuul purpose folder (e.g., the folder calld LastName-zuul1) and preserve it as LastName-zuul, using your latest call, e.g., Smith-zuul. Set up a Git lodgment for your Zuul purpose by subjoined the instructions Set Up a Lodgment for a Project. (Start subjoined parallel at 0:25 in the video since you already entertain an material purpose.) In Git, fabricate a sprig determined 'zuul2-refactoring' and agitate onto the sprig. You conquer do all your achievement for this lab on this sprig, executeting following each practice.git sprig zuul2-refactoring git checkout zuul2-refactoring Complete Exercises 6e: 8.5, 8.6, 8.7, 8.8, 8.11 . After each practice: Test your program. The varys you fabricate in these practices are refactorings and should not vary the proceeding of the recreation. Following each trudge fabricate stserviceable everything calm?} achievements as it did antecedently. Don't lose to instrument your varys. For any varyd classes, be stserviceable your call is in the @author catalogue and update the account. As you add and update arrangements fabricate stserviceable each arrangement has a note header that suitably describes its proceeding using javadoc, including @param and @return tags. When an practice is thorough, execute your varys in Git following a while a execute missive indicating the practice you proper thoroughd as well-behaved-behaved as a unimportant title of the varys you made. For example:git add . git execute -m"Completed practice 8.5 - extracted arrangement printLocationInfo" It is ticklish that you execute following each practice so that all practices can be proceedingd. Later practices vary the legislation from antecedent practices, and the pedagogue conquer be serviceserviceable to proceeding the existing practices by looking end in your execute narrative. When you entertain thoroughd all the practices, fabricate stserviceable your sprig is pure. (When you do 'git status' it should say "On sprig zuul2-refactoring. dot to execute, achievementing tree pure") Merge your sprig into the overcome:git checkout overcome git connect zuul2-refactoring Create a zip rasp of your unimpaired purpose folder, and call it