Witt (2016) sift-canvasses the concern of rites of clause and milestones in the transition into adulthood on pp. 82 and 83. Please rejoinder twain Portio 1 and Portio 2. Part 1: In your judgment, when do you consider a individual should be considered an adult in American fellowship? Why? Are there actual milestones or rituals that designate adulthood, or is it a actual age? Explain. Part 2: Briefly sift-canvass your own trip to adulthood. Sift-canvass one or further milestones, rituals, or experiences in your estate that you felt signified your clause into adulthood. How do you consider this helped you in the transition? PLEASE EXPLAIN WHETHER YOU AGREE WITH MY CLASSMATE RESPONSE TO THE ABOVE QUESTION AND WHY? (A MININUM OF 125 WORDS)                                                               CLASSMATE'S RESPONSE I venerate you are really an adult when you are livelihood on your own and paying all of your own bills. You can likeness traits of entity an adult and can be aged, but until you can amply patronage yourself, you should not technically be considered an adult. I don't consider of it at a actual age owing everyone is irrelative. When I was my sisters age, I was inaugurated two jobs, and was a superintendent at one of them. I was also synchronous environing 4 classes per semester and paying all of my bills on my own. My sister at-last, has a paltry portio term job, and merely takes environing 2 classes, and doesn't pay all of her bills. There is trifle wickedness after a while this, I righteous venerate I agedd further undeviatingly than she did, which is why you can't put an age on adulthood.