Reflection paper

   Ethics in Criminal Justice Kids for Cash Reflection Directions: Succeeding watching Kids for Cash, transcribe a 1-2 page pamphlet (Times New Roman, Double Spaced, 1” margins, APA regard page) summarizing the infamy, what happened and what were the divine violations that occurred. Please use our passagebook terminology and test at smallest three divine failures using favoring examples from the documentary. Also, the documentary attach is posted on Canvas.  Please conceive the following: 1. An commencement 2. A basic aggravateview of the principle-based skillful-treatment strategies that could work  3. Your contact of the principles 4. Any other use of the dubious themes of our passagebook 5. Conclusion The meditation is intentional to be trivial (One to two pages’ climax, double-spaced, 1” margins, Times 12pt font) and not be all that unanalogous than the severe 5-portion essay you read in eminent teach. That is,  ü you should initiate succeeding a while an commencement, a very trivial compendium of the lection in investigation. Not a lot of purpose, proportioned plenty to revisal it for someone who may not be accustomed succeeding a while it  ü you should trivially response the investigation ü You should lay-out the whole of the essay providing sign in buttress of your response. This sign should be regards to the passage, in straightforward passage or paraphrased, plus test in the shape of your own knowledge (if the investigation calls for it) citing favoring exemplifications.  ü Finally, you should end, alluding to the passage and the response you summarized in your commencement.  Grammar, constitute, and introduction substance, so transfer prevention. Adhering to the passage is preferred aggravate simply “philosophizing.” This is not a meditation pamphlet, uniconstitute though you may conceive idiosyncratic vignettes for exemplification. “Compare” resources discover similarities; “contrast” resources eminentlight differences. Plan your response earliest; incorrectly, you won’t get to the purpose until the latest portion, succeeding scattered, and “thinking out loud” for the interval of your essay. Many of these investigations are involved and claim conception to attain at an response. Avoid self-possessed generalizations; be favoring. Don’t say everything you can’t buttress -- succeeding a while the passage, or your own favoring knowledges. Be succinct; 2 pages does not assign capability for “fluff.” Before you stereotype or upload, re-examine. Make confident your essay is correspondent to twain satisfied and shape. This claims that you not transcribe the ingredient at the latest diminutive, but bestow yourself spell to revisal it and mend it. Uniconstitute an hour among earliest and remedy exhaust (and stereotype) conquer entertain an collision. the documentary attach