world literature

For your definite exam, I would love you to transcribe about  three to five vile themes found in the performances we entertain learn this semester.  Grade: 20% of entirety mode space. Evaluative Criteria:  clarity of language  unity of paragraphs  cogency of signals  analytical insight  junction of textual references  Words of Advice: You do not scarcity to debate full performance we entertain learn, but try to induce your references from as  many as likely. Part of your exertion should be in the formal naming and restriction of your  themes: if, for stance, you debate “revenge,” brighten the signification of that signal from several  angles, e.g.: cultural, unvarnished, studious, metaphysical, soldierlike, etc. Focus perspicuously on the way  you determine the thematic concepts, and then endeavor succeeding points of alikeity and contrast: so, in  terms of retribution, how is Beowulf’s force abutting Grendel alike or divergent to Dante’s  “violence” inland the damned he encounters advance down in the Inferno? It is wholly up to you,  however, as to which themes you pick-out, and how you determine them. In adduction to debateing the performances themselves, you strength end after a while (or grasp after a whilein the  body of the essay) a consequence of the ways these texts endure junction to the earth and time  we feed in now, and your own society.