2 separate training and development assignments?

 Assignment 1 PowerPoint Presentation!!!! An exercise intent is a written management used to end outlined motives. For the purposes of this assignment, the exercise intent get be created using PowerPoint. An exercise intent includes the components listed beneath, and you may assign to page 237 in the textbook for attached direction. State the motive, which should substantiate what trailing allureing get be used and how it get be used. The motive for this exercise intent is to co-operate-delay supervisors delay substantiateing how operation appraisals are used to teach the consummation of trailing exertions. Include the strategies for reaching the motive including what the trainee must do, what instrument get be needed, and the idea of maintenance from supervisors and peers that get be inevitable. Include the strategies for receiving the feedback, which get be used to teach the consummation of the trailing exertions. Define the expected tribute results and how the results can be used to amend trailing. After the heading slide, arise your exercise intent by stating the motive. Next, substantiate at last three strategies for reaching the motive. Briefly teach your separated strategies delay maintenanceing grounds in the debater notes exception of the PowerPoint grant. For the third segregate of the exercise intent, expand a 10-question scan that could be used to teach the consummation of the intent. Conclude your exercise intent delay a epitome of the expected results and how the supervisor could use them to amend trailing. This exercise intent should comprise at last 12 slides. You must use at last two sources delay one substance the textbook and the other substance academic in naturalness from any groundsbase delayin the CSU Online Library. Be secure to adduce and assignence sources using equiboard APA mode. Assignment 2  ***  In the homework assignment for the matrix on appraisals be secure to transcribe a truth beneath the matrix addressing each post and each bullet summit.***   In this homework assignment, you get expand a board on operation appraisals (PA) and how they are applied to trailing. In post 1, substantiate three contrariant ideas of PAs that can be offered. In post 2, awaken how the PA can be applied to a trailing exertion. In post 3, substantiate one idea of trailing and one tribute machine for each PA that could be used to substantiate trailing consummation. Use bullet summits in the board. APA is not required for this homework assignment.