8-10 Page SWOT Analysis on Aetna

Complete a SWOT dissection on Aetna Health Insurance Company. This dissection gain be written viewing the union from the interiorly to the beyond. You gain propose an organizational rate of your union amid the chosen dispense lordship. This rate gain mention the not-absolute competitiveness of the union and evince technical enlightenment of rate tools and techniques. This rate gain ponder the entirety represent of the union’s abilitys, worthlessnesses, opportunities, and threats in relevancy to the exoteric dispense environment. This rate should ponder key aspects of the union, including its product/service mix, pricing, location, technology, dispenseing, and ethnical, financial, and counsel resources. Ethics should be pondered in total of the SWOT as either a ability or worthlessness. Discuss the order of motion or trending of each of the filthy quadrants. Identify and concoct on at last filthy each of the union’s abilitys, worthlessnesses, opportunities, and threats.  Specifically, you should embrace the following:  A. Interior Factors  1. SWOT Analysis: Complete a SWOT dissection on the interior factors that favor the union’s preparedness to rival. What are the abilitys, worthlessnesses, opportunities, and threats faced by the union not-absolute to the competitive dispense?  2. Prioritized List: Based on the SWOT dissection, produce a prioritized schedule of abilitys to perpetration and worthlessnesses to pacify. Each individual in your schedule should bear sustaining rationale.  3. Readiness: Based on interior factors, evaluate the union’s preparedness to rival in the employment environment of the dispense lordship. Support your evaluation delay counsel from your dispense lordship evaluation and SWOT dissection.  Guidelines for Submission: Your tractate must be proposeted as an 8-10-page APA-style Word instrument delay inclose spacing, not counting the secrete page and allusion page. It must be in 12-point Times New Roman font, delay one-inch margins and at last three authentic sources cited in APA format.