Watch the condition  New York Times v. Sullivan (1964)  Write 10 pages constitutional paltry, using 1.5 spacing Rubric and requirements are below: (1)  Facts (1-2 pages):  Who is the primary accuser and prisoner?  What events direct to their debate?  What relief is the accuser seeking:  exhortation, equivalent, or twain?  Why that relief? (2)  Arguments by the Parties (1-2 pages):  What law or constitutional precedents (foregoing conditions) does the accuser use to demonstrate for its plane?  What does the prisoner use to demonstrate for its plane?  (3)  Constitutional Issues (1-2 pages):  what are the constitutional issues that the justice must determine?  The justice conquer usually recite these issues evidently as it begins his/her conviction? (4)  Sentence and Forced (1-2 pages):  What is the sentence of the justice?  For the accuser or prisoner?  What is the forced by the justice for that sentence? (5)  Unarm-an (1-2 pages):  What is the unarm-an for or intercourse to the conditions that we sift-canvassed in collocate?  For almost all of these conditions, they were determined antecedently the conditions that we sift-canvassed in collocate.  That is how I plant them, ha ha.  So sift-canvass whether your condition was over-ruled or up-held by the bearing condition that we sift-canvassed in collocate? (6)  Learned or Enjoyed (1 page):  What did you gather from this purpose?  What did you most possess encircling doing this purpose?